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Will the Capitol Police Be Ready for Protests at the Congressional Charity Baseball Game?

    More “turd-in-the-punchbowl” news! Aren’t we all tired of this by now? The protests, the acrimony, the screaming, it just gets old.

    I realize the Constitution guarantees our right to peacefully protest but take a break once in a while! You don’t literally have to protest everything, all the time. Don’t these people have jobs?

    Remember a few years ago, when Republican Representative Steve Scalise was almost killed by an idiot at the charity game? Is it going to take another tragedy like that before security steps up and does something when these protests inevitably get out of hand?

    It’s not like the Capital Police are the most trustworthy anyway, based on much of the January 6 video I saw.

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    Well, the game is about to happen again. and the Capital Police are ready this time. Allegedly. Let’s check Outkick for the details:

    Fox learned Wednesday that there are multiple issues at play, with officials indicating that there may be a “civil disturbance” outside of the stadium, but more importantly, there’s “worry about the safety of fans and the lawmakers on the field if protests erupt during the game or interfere with play itself.”

    Specific possibilities were mentioned, with Fox quoting Congressional security sources who had information suggesting that “they are worried about fans running out onto the field, scaling foul poles and climbing scoreboards.”

    Well, I doubt it will be any of the Row V Wade protesters running or climbing. They love to scream, but physical activity beyond that might be asking a bit much.

    Civil disturbances outside are all but a guarantee, as protesters love nothing more than to ruin other people’s good times. See all of 2020 for proof of that.

    A number of different climate protesting groups could be involved in the proceedings.

    “We refuse to watch politicians play baseball while the world burns. It’s too late to pretend everything is okay. Heat waves are scorching huge swaths of Europe, China, North America literally as we speak” said Quentin Scott from CCAN Action Fund, one of the protest organizers. “Joe Manchin and the GOP are burning our future to make their polluter friends even richer. Democrats must do whatever it takes to overcome Republican obstruction, or they risk losing an entire generation of young people, who are fast becoming disillusioned by our inability to address this existential crisis.

    I think that’s called “Summertime” genius! We have been having heat waves in July and August since, oh, FOREVER! We are closer to the sun! It’s summer!

    I remember as a kid in the 1970’s having such oppressively hot summers. Every year. Oh, that was right around the time “climate experts” predicted we were about to enter a new ice age. How has that played out?

    If the Democrats are allowed to replace fossil fuels, literally millions of people around the world will starve, die or freeze. Those are facts.

    I hope all of these climate protesters are riding together to the protest in one wind car. Or walking. If you are that concerned, put your feet on the pavement.

    After many failed predictions, Democrats are now, for seemingly the thirtieth time, to claim that decisive “climate action” is needed to avert catastrophe.

    Even so, hardly anyone outside of their political base seems to believe them, as a recent poll showed climate change was nowhere near a top concern overall, ranking far below jobs and the economy, education, health care and taxes.

    Enough is enough, folks. If people want to protest like civil adults, fine, that is their right. However, the first time someone throws a rock or bottle at a cop, or puts hands on law enforcement, dogs need to be released and water cannons utilized. It should be shut down and dispersed forcefully and immediately. Sounds harsh, but it may only take one time to stop this type of unruly behavior in the future.

    I know that sounds like a scene from the Vietnam protests of the 70’s, but at least those folks were protesting a war instead of charging at the windmill of “climate change” Don Quixote style like todays protesters are!

    This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics