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At what point in time are we going to wake up and realize that we are being played as pawns in a game of culture that is designed to divide us by outward criteria and designations. No one in the real world, outside the realm that is controlled by the big media and big brother narrative, are buying into the shit storm of racial divide as it’s being portrayed.

The media understands something about human nature that we have either never learned or have all to quickly forgotten. People destroy other people. You can go all the way back to when Cain picked up a rock and used it to murder his brother Abel. We have always witnessed war between the haves and the have nots, and those that want to possess what others are perceived to have. Whether it is status, fortune, fame, position, or any other temporary material trinket upon which we have placed value, people will fight steal and kill in order to have it.

The problem that we now see is when the voices from the airwaves and satellites tell us who we should hate and who we should perceive as our enemies. We are inundated with everything from the voice of big media, to social media, to cultural persuasions that are constantly pushing us to be at war with one another. Our greedy and selfish hearts lap up the violent and hate filled instructions like bloodthirsty dogs.

This is not how we are to see our fellow man. Although we may have our differences, whether it be skin colors, bank accounts, or house sizes, we must be vigilant to see through the outward appearances and the exterior novelties and understand that at heart, we are all the same.

Tell me a person who does not grieve or deal with depression. Show me a man who has never experienced sadness, loss, or perhaps even joyful expectation. Where is the person who has never worried or grown skeptical or cynical? At some point in our life we have all wondered what tomorrow will bring. We should not be worried that our neighbor may bring violence into our lives due to ideological, political, or cultural differences.

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We live in America. And by the sheer fact that America is populated by people that are guilty of selfishness, we are not immune from our own scars and sins. However, there is no greater place on this planet whereby men have the opportunity to demonstrate that peace on earth is possible and that opportunity without violence can be afforded each and every one of us.

Let us cease from seeing one another based on the tone and pigmentation of our skin. May we work to lift one another up and encourage in the face of chaos, in crisis that is out of our control.

Start with yourself. Work to make yourself a better person that is free from resentment and covetousness so that you may live in peace with those around you. Let that peace spread to your home and to your household and to your family so that ultimately it will spread to the world around you.

Who will be in charge of your life, your mind, and your conscience? Which voice will you listen to? Will it be the big brother narrative or will it be the heart that beats inside of you, that has a desire for peace and prosperity for yourself, for your children, and for generations to come?

Peace! Love y’all.

– Chad