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What This Firefighter Did…Heroes Among Us

    You know, there are heroes…and then there are super heroes.  Men and women who hear the call of…let’s say “duty”, and will take matters into their own hands.  On tap today, for your amusement, is one such hero: a Los Angeles County firefighter who took a printout of the county’s blah blah mandate and used it to perform an amazing symbolic gesture – he literally used it for toilet paper, folks.  Now, I want to tell you – I’m proud to be an American for a lot of reasons.  I love the light of freedom that we shine across the world, I love our sacred traditions, I am American through and through.  But NOTHING inspires me in quite the same way – a man who saves lives and property for a living by putting himself in harm’s way was so fed up with the notion of the blah blah mandate, he literally took it and wiped his own ass with it.  

    Naturally, because Los Angeles County is the storied wretched hive of scum and villainy, this man has been put on paid administrative leave, pending an “investigation”.  I don’t know what there is to investigate, exactly, but I hope they refer to it as the “smell test”.  Officials in the matter have assured us – the very concerned and no doubt mortally offended public – that appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.  

    Now, I do not require of my heroes that they do things the way I would do them.  Personally, staring down the barrel of a mandate for the blah blah, I believe my response would be to politely request that the person who wrote it shove it up his own ass.  But far be it from me to stand in judgement of the man’s choice.  You know, sometimes across the weary landscape of this life, you have to pull over to the side of the road – because the next gas station is just too many hills over the horizon.  And did you think to put toilet paper or paper towels in your car?  Hell no.  

    But you do have that old road atlas, don’t you?

    I digress.  The real point I want to make here, obviously, is that this guy deserves at least a modicum of our respect because he stood up against tyranny – well, squatted against tyranny, anyway – in his own unique way.  Because make no mistake: the mandates are tyrannical.  I’ve said it a million times on this show, and I’ll say it a million more.  You have to take everything the Left says and does to first principles – what are they actually about?  What are they actually trying to do?  Do you think the Left really cares about the pandemic?  Do you think the Left cares about any of the people and things it claims to care about?  If you do, my friend, let me help you lift up that rock you’ve been living under.  Top-down control is to be reached at any cost.  Do you understand what that means?  It means that you can take literally any position the Left holds, flip it, and if it served their need to consolidate power, they would espouse that position.  

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    Mark my words, it all boils down to control.  And the beauty – if you’re a Leftist – is that it works in a lot of cases and in a lot of places.  You take somewhere like Los Angeles County, where the creeping rot of Marxism has just gotten bigger and bigger under the surface of things for so many years – what hope does a place like that have against eventually falling into the totalitarian dystopia it so richly and clearly seems destined to be?  

    Well, they have at least one man.  One man who decided to take a stand.

    One man…who gave a shit.