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What This Church Just Gave Away Is Pure Awesomeness

    With gas prices soaring sky high, some people are finding it very difficult to fill up their tanks, but one church in Richmond, Virginia is helping to solve that problem by giving out free gas. Last Saturday alone Speaking Spirit Ministries donated over $10,000 worth of fuel to those in the Richmond community who are in need.

    Pastor Fred Wyatt went on to tell WRIC, “With rising gas prices, we wanted to be able to do something special; we wanted to be able to assist our community. So we’re looking forward to today; we know it’ll be a blessing to many.”

    Speaking Spirit Ministries isn’t the only church that is handing out free gas. In fact, churches all across America are doing the same thing.

    And folks, this is the kind of thing the church is supposed to be doing. The Christian church is to act like the hands and feet of Jesus, helping to ease pain and suffering where ever possible. Right now, people are having a hard time getting to work because of the gas prices. Providing free gas is helping people provide for their families. That is the gospel in action.

    Last Saturday, more than 300 people on the west side of Charlotte received $35 gas cards from Pastor Brian Carn of Kingdom City Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, despite the fact that gas prices in the United States are currently above $4 per gallon on average.

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    He spent $10,000 of his own money — read that again — on the “Gas on God” event, which he said was “a great success.”

    The giveaway took place on March 12 at the Mobile gas station on Brookshire Boulevard. A video played during the church’s March 13 service shows a big line of automobiles parked on the road in front of the gas station, all waiting to get the free gas that is being offered.

    Pastor Carn told the Christian Post:

    “I am extremely grateful for what we was able to do. As you notice, so many people’s lives was touched today,” he said. “You got an opportunity to experience what I get to experience as a result of changing the lives that God has allowed me to change. You were able to minister to people. One lady came and said, ‘I don’t need gas. I just need prayer.’”

    “This is what it’s all about,” he added. “God is so faithful. We was supposed to do this three weeks ago. But they shut it down. We went and prayed and asked the Lord to turn it for our good. We see what the Lord did was held it back until the whole country is talking about gas.”

    One woman in the video said she drove about 25 minutes to receive her free tank of gas.

    “The lines really weren’t long,” she said in the video. “I just really appreciate everything you guys have done for me and everyone out here today.”

    Instead of complaining about inflation and the gas prices, Pastor Carn saw it as a chance to help his fellow neighbors. There’s a lot of stuff we can complain about right now all around the world but complaining won’t fix any of it but prayer and kind acts will.

    This story syndicated with permission from My Faith News