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What Howard Stern Just Said About Clarence Thomas Is Both Pathetic And Appalling

    Radio host Howard Stern tore into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on June 27th and even threatened to run for president after the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. “Party like it’s 1959,” Stern declared on his SiriusXM show, deriding the 6-3 decision as being backward.

    Of course a degenerate pervert like Stern would be upset about Roe falling. If states take action to ban the practice of abortion, he might actually have to start wearing condoms with all of the whores he buys with his meager paycheck from his radio program.

    And we all know personal responsibility has never been the name of the game for the dopey, trashy Stern.

    “I hope they roll it all the way back to slavery and then they slap him on a plantation,” stated the co-host Robin Quivers, who, like Thomas, is black. Both hosts emphasized that Thomas, a Republican nominee, is married to a white woman, which used to be illegal before the 1967 high court decision of Loving v. Virginia.

    Wow. How is a guy like this allowed to say something like that and not be accused of racism? Other than hypocrisy and double standards, all I can come up with is that no one is calling him out because nobody listens to his show.

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    “The whole mess we’re in with that lightweight, Clarence Thomas, who’s been sitting there like Darth Vader, dormant, waiting for other kooks to join the Supreme Court and waiting and waiting through the decades,” Stern said.

    Stern, 68, joked that he would possibly run for president to abolish the Electoral College, noting that Democrat Hillary Clinton won more popular votes in the 2016 presidential election than Donald Trump. He said this enabled Trump to appoint “deranged” Supreme Court justices who make rulings contrary to the majority’s views.

    “This is Trump’s legacy. I hope he’s happy. Back-alley abortions,” Stern said. “The country is not bad. This Taliban government that has gotten in, is by the minority.” Again, he apparently ignores that the Democrats control the White House and both chambers of Congress.

    “Do you want to start regulating the bedroom?” Stern stated. “We were past all this and we still are.”

    Poor little crybaby.

    This isn’t the first time Stern has mentioned he may run for president (which appears unlikely, as he now complains incessantly about having to work 112 days a year). Last November, he proclaimed that he might do his “civic duty” and challenge former President Trump for the presidency in 2024.

    “’I think I’m going to run for president,’ he said with just the slightest hint of seriousness,” the Daily News reported back then. Quivers instantly backed his faux run.

    “If Trump decided to run again, you have to run against him. That’s my plan,” she said. “That’s what’s going to have to happen. We can’t leave it to the Democrats.”

    The difference between Trump and Stern, however, is that before running for president, everyone knew who Trump was. Most folks under the age of 60 probably have no clue who Stern even is.

    Clarence Thomas has received harassment from notable figures, but Joy Reid of MSNBC was bashing him back in March. During the third day of the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings, Joy Reid of MSNBC was enraged by Republicans questioning Supreme Court candidate Ketanji Brown Jackson.

    In the early 1990s, the far-left presenter referred to Republican members of the committee as “raging white senators” and also seized the occasion to disparage Justice Clarence Thomas, the nation’s only current Black member of the Supreme Court, by calling him “a creepy male candidate.”

    “In 2022, a Black woman federal judge appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee as the president’s candidate to the United States Supreme Court and is handled in the same heinous manner that Anita Hill was treated as a witness against a creepy male nominee in the 1990s. The United States of America, “Reid compared Jackson favorably to Hill, the woman who accused Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearings in 1991, per story.

    Reid’s quote exactly, as stated on Twitter, was: “A Black woman federal judge walks into a Senate Judiciary hearing as the president’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2022, and gets treated by raging white Senators the same sordid way Anita Hill was treated as a witness against a creepy male nominee in the 1990s.

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