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What Father Frank Pavone Revealed About How Far Into Some Pregnancy Doctors Are Performing Abortions Is Horrifying

    National Director for Priests for Life, Father Frank Pavone, recently did an interview with Newsmax, where he stated that he wants to see more protections offered for babies that have been seen on ultrasounds. But that’s not all that was said during the interview. He also revealed that there are some abortion doctors carrying out the procedure on women who are 37 weeks along in their pregnancy.

    The comments were made during the Thursday episode of “Wake Up America.”

    When Pavone was asked about what voters really want when it comes to the whole abortion issue as it relates to the midterms, he said, “We want more protection for those babies we see on those ultrasounds. And I think to frame the issue, ask our audience how many of those babies do you want to be protected by law? And are there any abortions that you would want to see prohibited by law?”

    “Most Americans want to see more restrictions, yet the other day, I was praying in front of an abortion facility in New Mexico … we had a woman say, ‘I’m 30 weeks pregnant. The baby is healthy, and I am healthy. Can I schedule an abortion?’” he continued.

    “They scheduled it for her right then and there,” Father Pavone said. He also stated that his organization knows of doctors who perform abortions at 37 weeks.

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    “So the question for our audience and for the American people in general: Do you really want abortion to be allowed that late? Because the fact is, the Democrats do. The choice in this election is not what they want people to think it is namely banning all abortions or allowing them,” he explained.

    “The choice is between expanding protections for these babies we see on the ultrasound or taking away whatever protections they do have and allowing abortion without limits until the day of birth. That’s the Democrat position,” he concluded.

    A people who cannot manage to provide protection for the right to life of the unborn is unfit and unworthy to have liberty or justice. Those things are only for countries that have some kind of moral standard that they live by whole-heartedly. If we want to see our nation survive, we must return to our roots and uphold protecting the weak and vulnerable.