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VIDEO: Ladies Of ‘The View’ Give Absurdly Bad Take On 2024 Presidential Election

    I miss Bob Barker and The Price is Right. I also miss The Jerry Springer Show, daytime soap operas, and anything else that would have been on television before The View started poisoning housewives’ minds with the absolute worst political takes in modern history.

    And boy, let me tell you, the political views these insane chicks hold to are about as far out in left field as you can get. This wouldn’t be half as bad if there were some sort of counterbalance in program that shared the views of the other side of the political spectrum in a fair and balanced way.

    As conservatives, we’re not against folks sharing their thoughts and opinions. We just want to have some balance. That’s all. I don’t really think that’s a whole lot to ask for. But such a thing as balance in views would lead to women, the target audience, thinking for themselves. Can’t have that.

    Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and the rest of the hilariously misguided “ladies” on The View regularly share some of the dumbest, most inaccurate, inflammatory and often racist opinions this side of the asylum. Thank goodness they are weighing in on the 2024 election and President Trump. Now we have a blueprint of exactly what NOT to do.

    This week during one of their brainstorming sessions, which is barely a light shower, no less a storm, the ladies pontificated on Trump, whether Biden would run again, and their idea of a great Democratic ticket in 2024. It was comedy gold. Check this out from Breitbart:

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    Joy Behar told her co-host Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that it was highly likely former President Donald Trump would be in “prison” during the 2024 presidential race, adding that she thought Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Georgia Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams would be a good ticket should Biden not run.

    Wow. I guess Joy Behar has some inside information the rest of us aren’t privy to that would cause her to speculate that Trump will be in prison. It’s appearing more likely that Trump MAY get indicted on a minor charge, if they can find one, but the likelihood of prison is about the same as the likelihood of a Newsom/Abrams ticket.

    But how unlikely is that? Democrats LOVE to fail upwards, and if Abrams keeps losing, as she likely will in the Georgia Governor’s race, she might be the perfect candidate for a Governor that faced recall in Gavin Newsom. Two monumental failures put together might equal a Democrat super ticket. Or a hilarious failure. I’m going with that.

    It could happen. If Trump is in prison or somewhere maybe in Saudi Arabia, somewhere like Russia, it’s possible.”

    “I think that Joe Biden is the one to beat him. He beat him before. He’ll beat him again if Trump is not in prison.

    Why would Trump need to be in Russia or Saudi Arabia? He lives rent free in liberals heads every day. He doesn’t need a new place to live.

    Let’s be clear here, all conspiracy and election malfeasance aside, Joe Biden didn’t beat Trump. Covid beat Trump. If Covid never happened, we are sitting pretty midway through Trump’s second term rather than flopping like a fish on the bank under Brandon.

    “I think Gavin Newsom has a chance. Gavin Newsom and Stacey Abrams, what a ticket that would be, pretty good.”

    My goodness. For my part, if Trump doesn’t run, I would be begging for Newsom vs DeSantis in 2024. Throw Stacy Abrams on the ticket too, she is so likable and all. Let’s hope The View keeps sharing this deep political insight and ladies on The View get what they want, Gavin Newsom and Stacey Abrams finishing second in 2024.

    This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics