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UVA Student Swings For The Fences Against Cancel Culture After School Paper Wants To Cancel Mike Pence Event

    Regardless of where you stand on former Vice President Mike Pence, the one thing we can all agree on is that an event at a college where he is speaking should not be cancelled simply because he’s a conservative with connections to former President Donald Trump.

    Of course, the school paper from the University of Virginia isn’t saying that’s the reason. No, they say the event should be cancelled because of “violent rhetoric.” Yes, these folks have accused mild-mannered Mike Pence of having “violent rhetoric.”

    Ridiculous, right?

    Well, a student from the school is speaking out against the paper’s call for the event to be scraped, proving that not every young person attending a major university has been brainwashed by progressive groupthink.

    Nick Cabrera, the chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at the university, has encouraged the editorial board of the paper to actually attend the event so they can hear a perspective that is different from their own.

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    “We’ve been seeing this trend commonly throughout campuses across the United States,” Cabrera stated on “Fox & Friends First” Friday. “If there’s some speech that you disagree with as a leftist, you automatically go, and you try to cancel it.”

    Here are more details from Fox News:

    In March, a group of Yale students attempted to silence a conservative speaker who was addressing the importance of free speech during a bipartisan panel. Police were ultimately called to escort the more than 100 students out of the building.

    “It’s definitely a one-way street here at the University of Virginia and definitely at Yale and other college campuses,” Cabrera went on to tell host Ashley Strohmier, pointing out the students’ opposition is only directed toward conservative speakers.

    Cabrera stated the he attends the events for leftist speakers so that he can hear new points of view.

    “That’s how we increase and promote open dialogue in a free and safe environment,” the wise young man said.

    While protests are expected at Pence’s speaking event, Cabrera hopes opposition voices will take a more civil approach rather than create chaos like what was seen at the Yale event.

    “We encourage anyone that disagrees with Mike Pence and what he stands for to come and ask a question,” he added. “Come and challenge him in a respectful and open debate.”

    A respectful and open debate is a rather novel idea during this day and age of constant and usually uncalled for outrage. Folks, if we really want to progress as a society, we need to be open to actually hearing one another. That doesn’t mean debates can’t be spirited. They can. They should.

    These are important issues to discuss, after all.

    It also doesn’t mean that either speaker will change their minds. That’s not the purpose of a solid debate. A debate is to allow both parties to have a conversation about an issue and express their positions adequately and to have that position scrutinized so that others present during the debate have information to decide where they stand for themselves.

    Our nation would be so much better off if we did more of this.