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Trump’s Lawyer Smashes On FBI In Light Of August Raid On Mar-a-Lago, Says They Can’t Be Trusted

    The special master who was appointed to look over the documents that were taken from the Florida residence of former President Donald Trump, Judge Raymond Dearie, spoke with Trump’s legal team and asked them to declare if they think the FBI might have planted evidence during the search of the home, however, Alina Habba, one of the attorneys representing Trump, stated that the real problem is that the bureau can’t be trusted to have followed correct and ethical procedure under the law.

    “I think the concern is that we have recordings of these agents going in, and then we were not permitted to watch the agents go into his office space or his home, his bedroom, or Melania’s closet and that is incredibly concerning,” Habba stated during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” where she emphasized that she is one of the lawyers on the search case.

    “Another thing is, they came in with equipment, with bags, so you never know,” said Habba, according to Newsmax. “Unfortunately the climate that we’re in politically has led us to believe that we can’t really be sure that they’re following the rule of law at any point, and that’s the most concerning thing I think for all Americans right now.”

    “Just the fact that that the FBI has gone into Barron Trump’s room before going into somebody like Hunter Biden’s room, it’s a little ridiculous,” the report continued.

    The attorney then added that the former president’s team supported the choice of Dearie for the position of special master after finding out he’d been on the FISA court that signed the warrant allowing the bureau to surveil Trump’s campaign back in 2016, noting that “he also learned later that he had been misled by the FBI,” she stated.

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    “He has become a more neutral party, not necessarily pro-Trump, which is why I believe they selected him and thought that he would be somebody that we could find common ground with,” Habba said during the interview.

    Habba then gave an update about how Trump is feeling about the proceedings, stating that he remains in “great spirits” and is “really optimistic for the midterm elections and optimistic for the country’s future.”

    “I think that’s what makes a leader,” the attorney added. “You can’t get down when the country is failing and you’re under siege.”

    Habba also said she doesn’t think the former president will be indicted, however she does think “we need to start talking to the DOJ for their benefit and to just clear this up in whatever confusion is going on.”