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Trump Makes Big Announcement About Support For Netanyahu’s Reelection Bid

    Former President Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview conducted with the good people at Newsmax, was vague about whether or not he would commit to supporting the re-election bid of former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, going on to say he has a mixed opinion of him and was “disappointed” in him in some ways.

    “I was disappointed with him in certain ways but overall I liked him very much,” Trump went on to say during the interview with Rob Finnerty in an on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Thursday. “If he ran, I would certainly give it some thought. We’ll see what happens. I don’t know that that’s going to happen. He disappointed me in certain ways but he also did a very good job in other ways.”

    According to Newsmax,”Trump didn’t tell Newsmax if his disappointment was connected with President Joe Biden and the 2020 election, but last year, the former president slammed Netanyahu with profanity and accused him of being disloyal after the former prime minister congratulated Biden on the 2020 election.”

    The former president went on to say at the time he’d helped Netanyahu win his own elections by working to reverse U.S. policy and supporting the claims made by Israel over territory that was seized during Israel’s war.

    Here are more details from Newsmax:

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    Trump told Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, after Netanyahu circulated a video congratulating Biden, that “nobody did more for Bibi. And I liked Bibi. I still like Bibi,” referring to Netanyahu by using his nickname. “But I also like loyalty … Bibi could have stayed quiet. He has made a terrible mistake.”

    Netanyahu was replaced as prime minister by nationalist Naftali Bennett last summer when Netanyahu could not form a governing majority. He had been in office for 12 years before leaving.

    Trump has said that he helped Netanyahu in the April 2019 elections in Israel by deciding to recognize the country’s annexation of the Golan Heights, which it had captured from Syria in 1967.

    Since 2019, Netanyahu has used his relationship with Trump while campaigning in four elections, reports The Jerusalem Post. The two men have known each other since the 1980s when Netanyahu was Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. Trump endorsed Netanyahu before the 2013 election.

    The former Israeli prime minster announced on Monday that he would be seeking reelection after the decision to dissolve Israel’s Parliament was made.

    “After a determined struggle of the opposition in the Knesset and great suffering of the Israeli public, it is clear to everyone that the worst government in the history of the country has come to an end,” Netanyahu remarked, according to a report published by All Israel News, which was shared with permission on Newsmax.