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Travels with Chad: I’m Four Hours Away

    In my current run for Texas governor in the 2022 primary race it’s very obvious that I have been crisscrossing this very large state in my truck. My very lazy bloodhound, Pepper, has slept through it all. Sometimes I’m doing my best to stay awake as well.

    To summarize traveling across Texas is easy: everywhere is four hours from everywhere else. As I dictate this note I’m currently driving to the quaint little town of Bandera, Texas. Want to know what’s waiting for me there? A luxurious Best Western hotel room with a Saloon attached. Oh yes! So exotic.

    And people say I’m doing this just as a publicity stunt. Yeah. Sure.

    Tomorrow morning I will be up early and on my way to speak to a group of fine patriots in Corpus Christi. And from there I’ll head to another campaign event four hours away in Spring.

    Most of you know that I fell deeply in love with the state of Texas 20 years ago when I first moved to Fort Worth. I’ve spent a lot of time living on the road but during this campaign my heart has been reawakened to the beauty of Texas. Best Western’s not withstanding.

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    As a sidenote, I have discovered that Pepper can hold her pee for four hours, but when she finally goes it’s a lot of pee. I know that each of you were dying to know that.

    If you get an opportunity I highly encourage you to get off of the interstate and drive some of the back roads and highways of Texas. Do your best to pronounce the names of some of the towns you will go through. There’s a lot to see, and plenty to do, and the people are fantastic in general.

    If we happen to run into each other at the beer, bait, ammo, barbecue, gas station at some little Texas cross road please be sure to say hi and I’ll make sure to wake up Pepper. She’ll probably be ready to pee. Pepper in her normal position