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Top Court In Ohio Delivers Some Bad News For Pro-Abortion Supporters

    The Ohio Supreme Court on Friday decided against blocking the GOP-led state from enforcing a law that places a ban on abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy, which took effect right after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week.

    The top court in the state rejected an emergency request that was filed by Planned Parenthood and other providers of abortion services to stop Ohio from being able to enforce the law, which was passed back in 2019, after the Supreme Court determined that abortion is not a right protected by the Constitution.

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    That ruling gave states the authority to deny, limit or allow abortions. Judges in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Utah have since issued decisions preventing those states from enforcing new restrictive abortions laws or bans.

    The Ohio law, S.B. 23, bans abortion after fetal cardiac activity is first detected, which occurs about six weeks into pregnancies, a point at which many women do not know they are pregnant, lawyers for the clinics said.

    The measure, which Republican Governor Mike DeWine signed into law, was previously blocked in the federal courts. But hours after the Supreme Court’s decision, a federal judge dissolved the injunction preventing its enforcement.

    The clinics said the law lowered the gestational age limit from 22 weeks.

    “We are deeply disturbed by the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision to allow the draconian six-week ban to remain in effect as it considers the merits of our case,” the abortion providers and the ACLU, which represented them, went on to write in a joint statement.

    Abortion is a sickening practice that often utilizes barbaric techniques to end the life of a child, who has no ability at that time to speak his or her mind and share what whether or not they want to live.

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