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Tom Cotton Reveals Decision About Running For President In 2024

    Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, has reportedly decided that he will not run for president in the 2024 election, despite months of speculation that he was preparing to make a bid for the White House. Several reports stated that Cotton only recently made the decision and that his family played a big role in determining his choice.

    Here’s more on this breaking news from the Daily Wire:

    A source told CNN that Cotton did not want to be away from his two sons, ages five and seven, while on the campaign trail.

    Politico reported that Cotton has made clear to donors that he is “open to serving in a future Republican presidential administration.”

    Cotton faced an uphill battle to get into the top tier of Republican candidates in terms of where they currently sit in polling as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and former President Donald Trump (R) are the only two candidates that consistently poll in the double digits.

    Cotton made news earlier this month when he and other top Republican senators sent letters to dozens of companies instructing them to “preserve relevant documents” as lawmakers float antitrust investigations regarding the environmental, social, and governance movement, also known as ESG.

    The letter, which was headed up by the Arkansas Republican, informed four dozen law firms to issue a warning to their clients concerning “the risks they incur by participating in climate cartels and other ill-advised ESG schemes,” making a reference to the fact that FTC Commissioner Lina Khan had stated recently during a hearing that there’s no “ESG exemption” to antitrust laws.

    “The ESG movement attempts to weaponize corporations to reshape society in ways that Americans would never endorse at the ballot box,” the letter went on to say. “Of particular concern is the collusive effort to restrict the supply of coal, oil, and gas, which is driving up energy costs across the globe and empowering America’s adversaries abroad.”

    One has to wonder if Cotton’s decision has anything to do with the recent report that former President Donald Trump is going to announce he’s running for president after the midterm elections this week? I’d say chances are high on that. There won’t be many individuals willing to take him on in the primary. Just his announcement alone will clear many out of the field.

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