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The Mystery of Young Athletes Suddenly Dying Continues

    There are an awful lot of healthy, young people suddenly dying of heart attacks… but we’re not allowed to wonder why.

    If we do, they can ban us from social media.

    We simply offer our respects, say how sad it is, and move on like it’s totally normal for young athletes to drop dead from heart attacks.

    That’s the type of messaging that Twitter is trying to save by blocking Elon Musk’s bid to buy the company.

    They want to make sure you can’t share what’s on your mind or talk about what’s really going on, or just share ideas and talk.

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    Only Regime “approved messaging” is allowed.

    ABC News reported that a former University of Arkansas lineman has died. He was 26 years old and his name was Brian Wallace.

    The Arkansas Razorback Football’s official Twitter announced the sad news on Friday sharing a statement alongside a photo of Wallace in his uniform. The statement read,

    “Our hearts are broken, Brian will always be a Razorback. Our thoughts and love are with Brian’s family and friends”.

    Wallace’s father told the media that earlier this week his son was in the intensive care unit at a hospital in St Louis, Missouri after he had two heart attacks.

    The former athlete was reportedly having issues breathing at work, where he suffered his first heart attack. He had a second heart attack while at the hospital.

    Wallace could not breathe on his own. This is according to his father. No cause of death has been confirmed yet.

    Will we ever know what really happened to this young man?


    We’ll be told this was natural causes and ignore what everyone is thinking…

    This is the same methodology they use with Joe Biden’s cognitive decline. They pretend it’s not there, that his insane behavior is “normal” and they never talk about it.

    Out of sight, out of mind…

    They think this is “controlling the message,” but it’s not.

    It only amplifies the issue and makes people speculate and spread theories, and it makes everyone trust the media and government even less than they already do.

    This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree