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Ted Cruz Says Biden’s Part In Son Hunter’s Actions Must Be Investigated

    Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz recently stated during an interview on Newsmax that one of the most important consequences of the GOP taking majority control of the House of Representatives is that the country will now have “congressional oversight of abuses” committed by President Joe Biden and his administration, thus Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer are “exactly correct” when they say that an investigation into Hunter Biden must closely examine the role that his dad played in his actions.

    “We’ve seen the Biden Department of Justice engaged in abuses of power,” the Texas Republican went on to say during Newsmax’s “National Report.” “Let’s be clear that the story is not about a poor, troubled soul who has substance abuse issues. That’s what the DOJ is trying to make it about. They’re saying well, we’re going to go after him on drug charges or tax charges, all of which are personal to Hunter Biden.”

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    Jordan, R-Ohio, and Comer, R-Ky., said Thursday that the president was allegedly involved in overseas dealing with his sons, with Comer, citing whistleblowers, asserting that the Biden family “flourished and became millionaires by simply offering access to the family,” reports Fox News.

    “Was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he compromised? That’s our investigation,” he remarked.

    “We know that Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company,” Cruz stated during the interview. “He didn’t speak a word of Ukrainian. He didn’t know a thing about oil and gas, but they paid him $83,000 a month. And the only reason they paid him that was because daddy was vice president, not just vice president, but [Barack] Obama had put him in charge of Ukraine in particular.”

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    Cruz then commented, “that doesn’t even begin to touch the Chinese communists who paid millions. To Hunter Biden with as you know the phrase, ‘10% for the big guy.'”

    Meanwhile, Cruz said that he voted against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell remaining the party’s leader in the chamber, because he is “p***ed off at the election results from last week.”

    “Millions of Americans are as well, given the national environment getting the disaster of Democrat policies from inflation to crime, illegal immigration,” said the senator. “We should have a significant majority in the Senate. We should have a massive majority of the House. Instead, the Democrats kept their Senate majority, and we have only a tiny majority in the House.”

    The staunch constitutionalist made the case during the conference meeting on Wednesday that it’s really easy to blame other people, but at the end of the day, Senate Republicans need to ask what they could have done differently to get better results during the election.

    He said he also made a motion to delay the leadership elections until after Georgia’s runoff race so that if elected, Herschel Walker could have a voice in the leadership debate.

    “This was the first leadership battle we’ve had in 10 years,” he prpclaimed. “This hasn’t happened in the Senate at the end of the day, 16 Republicans voted with me to delay the election but that wasn’t enough. We needed 25. And 10 Republicans voted against Mitch McConnell. That’s the first time that has ever happened.”

    Cruz also commented on former President Donald Trump’s announcement for a 2024 presidential race, and about the potential he could challenge Trump again, as in the 2016 race.

    “I am focused very much on the United States Senate and standing up and fighting the disastrous policies from Joe Biden and the Democrats that are hurting the American people,” Cruz expounded. “The Herschel Walker race is incredibly important … I think it is incredibly important for anyone in Georgia to support him, because if the Democrats win in Georgia, they will be just one vote away from ending the filibuster in the United States Senate and from being able to adopt policies to permanently damage democracy.”

    The Texas Senator stated that he was Trump’s “strongest ally” in the Senate and revealed that if he becomes the 2024 nominee, he will “enthusiastically support his candidacy,” however, for now, he’s remaining focused on Georgia.