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Stacy Abrams Scrambles to Delete Photo of Her Grinning Maskless Surrounded by Masked Children

    Democratic darling Stacy Abrams is being slammed after scrambling to delete a photo of herself surrounded by masked schoolchildren, flashing her signature grin in full defiance of local mask mandates.

    Abrams was visiting Glennwood Elementary School outside Atlanta, Georgia when she posed for the problematic photo as The Blaze reported and, for some reason, totally didn’t consider the grilling she’d get for failing to mask up and went ahead and posted the photo to Twitter.

    No, really.

    She actually posted the thing to her own account, igniting the ire of eagle-eyed Twitter before ultimately deleting it amid the backlash.

    Yet as journalist Alex Thompson noted, the image of smiling, freely breathing Abrams surrounding by tykes with their faces swathed in bacteria-laden pieces of fabric is unlikely to go away any time soon, least of all in an election year.

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    Check it out:

    The Blaze notes that not only was Abrams apparently the only unmasked person in the photos, she was defying the mandate for Decatur City, where the school is located, as well.

    Abram’s team promptly issued an apology for the embarrassing mask gaffe, recognizing it was highly irresponsible for the former gubernatorial candidate to flout the school policy.

    Just kidding.

    With the same grace and humility that she handled her loss to Brian Kemp in 2018, Abram’s team declared she had been unfairly targeted and attacked her critics instead.


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    Stay classy, Stacy. Stay classy.