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SHOCK: Look What Trump Project Biden Just Agreed To Finish

    Shock of all shocks.

    It seems that illegal immigration in the state of Arizona has reached such a high level that even a midterm Democratic senator had to swallow hard, forsake the progressive agenda, and beg the Biden administration to pick up one of former President Donald Trump’s projects, the infamous border wall, and finish it.

    And, apparently, “after many months of pushing” Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has finally agreed to do it, Sen. Mark Kelly, of Arizona, the Democrat in question, announced Thursday. Oh and this comes just in time for the primaries in the state too. Convenient timing.

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    The timing of the announcement is conspicuous. Kelly is facing a tough November midterm election against a group of America First Republicans vying in Tuesday’s GOP senatorial primary to face him, including Jim Lamon, Blake Masters, and retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Mick McGuire.

    “It’s great that DHS is moving forward with a project that should already be done, but this small gesture does not make up for the repeated failures on border security over the past two years,” McGuire went on to say in a statement given to Newsmax. “By Kelly’s own admission, he ignored this problem for nearly a full year after taking office. That’s not good enough.”

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    “Arizona needs a senator with true operational experience securing our southern border, who understands why we need more than just a wall — experience I have as the former commanding general of the Arizona National Guard,” Newsmax reported.

    The part of the wall Biden is going to be bolstering is located between border wall projects in Yuma, where Customs and Border Protection have been severely overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants.

    “For too long, the Morelos Dam area has been an operational challenge for Border Patrol agents to properly secure the border and keep our communities safe,” Kelly added in a statement. “I’m glad that the Department of Homeland Security has listened to Arizona and is going to close these gaps. This is a step forward, and I’ll keep working to ensure that Arizona has the tools needed for a secure and orderly process at the border including fencing and barriers where they make sense.”

    Biden needs to address this whole issue right now. Build the wall completely. Enforce immigration laws on the books. Attempt to earn a win in the election rather than try to change the demographics.