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Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Harsh Truth About Inflation, Pandemic Money Liberals Will Hate To Hear

    Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul gave an interview on Newsmax where he no doubt broke the hearts of the American people when he stated that all of the “stimmy checks” folks got during the coronavirus pandemic is now cancelled out due to the explosion of the inflation rate and is actually costing you more than what the federal government sent you in the first place.

    “What we know for sure is that now we’ve lost more to inflation than they gave us in the form of free money,” Paul went on to say during Wednesday’s “Prime News” with Jenn Pellegrino. “Inflation came from the free checks that were passed out. They shut the economy down. They sent free checks to everyone. And they said, ‘oh, this will make up for it.'”

    “But guess what? When people add up how much they’re paying for gas, in the grocery store, it’s canceled out all the free money. And I don’t think the inflation is over by a long shot,” Paul stated during the interview.

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    The pandemic spending sprees are still going to jack up inflation, because there remains trillions allocation that has still not be spent, Paul told Pellegrino.

    “There’s still about $2 trillion out there that’s held in the coffers of cities, counties, and state governments,” Paul continued. “It hasn’t been spent yet and put into the economy as it chases goods. It’s going to chase the price of our goods higher. We’re going to get more inflation, so this isn’t over.”

    Paul blasted Democrats on inflation and COVID-19 pandemic measures and spending, noting they have been damaging hand-in-hand.

    “The pandemic has always been their excuse for more government and more debt and more government spending, so we spent trillions of dollars they could have never gotten through without the excuse of this,” Paul went on to say. “They’ve created all kinds of mandates on our behavior they never could have gotten through without the pandemic, and their fear is if the pandemic is officially over, they can’t continue to lord upon us this great impulsive authoritarianism.”

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    “Look, forgiving the student loans, they’re doing that because there’s a pandemic. If the pandemics over someone’s going to have to tell Uncle Joe that he can’t break the law anymore and forgive payments for certain kids. So the thing is, is they need the pandemic because it’s an excuse for their propensity to want to have big government, and so I don’t think that’s why they can never let go of it,” he added.

    The Kentucky Republican then took an opportunity to once again slam Dr. Anthony Fauci. To be honest, the guy completely deserves it.

    “It didn’t save their lives to stay home,” Paul then commented concerning kids being kept out of schools. “It ruined their lives to stay home. In Sweden, not one kid stayed home. The school stayed open. They didn’t wear masks and no kid in Sweden died. Zero!”

    Paul concluded by saying, “How many teachers got sick? About the same percentage of every other occupation in Sweden. So everything Dr. Fauci preached was pseudoscience, and it was his own elitist sort of diatribes to submit. But it had nothing to do with the science, and the sooner we can get away from the man, the better we will be and the better the health of the country will be.”