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Sen. Blackburn Talks New Bill Bill To Help Tackle Spike In Crime

    Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee spoke about a brand new piece of legislation that she and Sen. Bill Hagerty, also a Republican from Tennessee, have introduced to help address the “increase in crime in our nation’s cities.”

    I should mention that this spike in crime is the result of very poor policies introduced by Democrats in these cities, many of whom supported the whole “Defund the Police” garbage that saw massive reductions in the size of local law enforcement departments. That then translated into fewer cops on the street, and thus criminals have been on a rampage ever since.

    Blackburn conducted an interview on Newsmax‘s “National Report” program saying, “We have been watching the crime issue as it has exploded. When you look at the increase in crime in our nation’s cities over the past year. And, of course, Memphis has seen a rise in this crime.”

    “And so, Sen. Hagerty and I have worked together; we have worked with the leadership team in Memphis. We are bringing attention to the issue,” she added.

    “We have legislation that we will roll out today. We have a letter that is going to the president … of things they could do today to really address this issue of crime in our nation and help to make these communities safe,” Blackburn stated during the interview.

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    “When I am in Tennessee, people talk about inflation, the open border, drugs in the street, crime, and parental rights. And those are truly the top issues and people will say, Look, this push by the Democrats to defund the police, to say we have to be compassionate with criminals, reminds them that there is not a push to fully fund and give the resources police need to do their job,” the Tennessee Republican continued.

    “As I talk to citizens, they are saying it is time for us to get crime under control and give law enforcement what they need to do their job,” the senator stated during the interview.

    Well, we’ve discovered the hard way that criminals rejoice at the idea of leaders going soft on crime. That means it is time to try something different, in the other direction now.