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RANT: Vaccines and German Assisted Suicide

    If you’re like me, when someone mentions the country of Germany to you, you immediately think: “Ah, Germany!  Land of a thousand good decisions!”  Or, conversely, you might think about all the crazy crap that’s come out of that place over the past century or so – with a couple of distinctive events coming first to mind.  Well, I don’t know if you knew this or not, but these days, it’s actually legal in Germany to commit suicide with the assistance of a doctor.  Yes, along with all of its delightful high-octane adult beverages, offing yourself by proxy is on tap in the Land of Weiner schnitzel and sauerkraut.  But here’s the new catch: you’ve got to get the ol’ blah blah before you can do it!

    Now, the first time I heard about this, I thought: what a great headline from the Onion, or the Babylon Bee.  But nope!  It’s real.  You’ve got to get the jab before you intentionally shuffle off your mortal coil, presumably so you don’t infect Kevorkian Junior over there while you’re at it.  After all, if the Kill Doctor is in the hospital himself, who’s gonna do all the state-sanctioned murdering?  Nevertheless, I find myself wondering: what the hell is wrong with these people?  In fact, what the hell is wrong with society in general?  Because you know that as soon as this story broke, a whole bunch of Leftists saw it and thought it was a good idea.  

    Okay; let’s leave aside for the moment the fact that doctor-assisted suicide is, in and of itself, a very troubling issue that probably shouldn’t exist in the first place – you know, because of the whole “do no harm” thing.  Let us just, for the moment, proceed upon the plank of reason that says that euthanasia is a societally permissible – or even good thing.  Think about what you’re doing!

    One, by giving the blah blah to someone who wants to check out early, you’re taking away a blah blah from someone who’s going to go on living.  And two, you’re probably taking away from that doctor’s livelihood, because now none of the anti-blah blah folk are going to be able to kill themselves anymore.  Poor bastards will have to go jump out of a window like chumps or something.  Not to mention a bunch of people who will get the jab will have to have a week or so for it to set into their system, and during that time they might re-think their decision to kill themselves.  

    And there you have it: the euthanasia doctor ends up going out of business, which ruins his life to the point that he kills himself…and then you lose the ground you were trying to gain in the first place.  If all of this seems kind of silly, a little wonky, a bit like somebody took a few knocks to the head with baseball bat?  That’s because it is!  This is stupid, Germany, get your act together!  Back in the day, if you didn’t want to get close to the fella you were going to kill, you just followed him out back with a pistol and a shovel, and took care of business.  You telling me the death doctors can’t do that?  Or, I don’t know, that your guy who wants to unplug from it all can’t just wear a damn mask long enough for you to get the deed done?  

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    Man, this is disappointing.  Some countries have suicide bombers, Germany; you just have suicide bummers.

    The point, folks, is this: everything is stupid these days.  Let’s keep fighting not only for freedom in this country and in the world, but also for a return to common sense.  I can’t live with all this stupidity – but I ain’t gonna die in Germany, either!