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Ohio Senate Candidate Reveals Key Issues Conservatives Must Tackle To Win Midterms

    J.D. Vance, Republican candidate for Senate in Ohio, did an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday where he stated that Democrats are going to end up losing the midterm elections in November because “food prices are too high, rents are too high, housing prices are too high, and people know that.”

    Vance, making an appearance on “John Bachman Now,” stated that his current Democratic Party opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan is a champion of the same policies that have caused the economic chaos that has ripped through the country.

    “People want basic common sense. You know, we don’t want to let violent criminals out of prison. We want to support our law enforcement officers as they put those violent criminals away,” Vance said, according to Newsmax. “And yet, Tim Ryan has, every opportunity of his 20 years in politics, has attacked the police, and he’s attacked the job that they’re doing.”

    Vance then proclaimed, “We want to secure [the] border in Ohio because the fentanyl that’s coming across is killing our citizens by the thousands here in the state of Ohio. Tim Ryan has voted consistently to grant amnesty and to open up the border.”

    “Those three issues [are] safe borders, safe streets, get this inflation crisis under control. Those are the three reasons why I think we’re not only going to win in Ohio, we’re going to really beat this guy and we’re going to send a message to D.C.: You can’t mismanage the greatest country in the world without suffering some political consequences. That’s why we’re going to get new leadership in there,” he added.

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    The Democrats are seemingly set up to lose big when election day hits in two months. And they have absolutely no one to blame but themselves. The policies from the Biden administration have trickled down and through state level politicians and through Congress, which is why so many on the left are now trying to distance themselves from Biden.

    But hey, the left’s failure is going to be our success. So go ahead. Keep making the same mistakes over and over again.