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New Survey Reveals How Voters Feel About Migrant Busing, Border Security…Liberals Will Be Furious

    A brand new survey has revealed that most American voters all on board with Republican governors transporting illegal immigrants into blue states located in the northern parts of the country, along with other measures that have been proposed to help secure the border and end the immigration crisis happening down south.

    According to Newsmax, Rasmussen Reports published the results of a poll that showed 52 percent of likely voters backed the plan by Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott to send entire busloads of illegal immigrants to Chicago, New York City, and Washington D.C. Only 39 percent were against the idea.

    “Rasmussen’s survey also indicated that 62% of likely voters want big city Democrat mayors to demand President Joe Biden and his administration secure the southern border rather than blaming Abbott,” the report said. “The poll, conducted before Florida sent two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, was released hours after the White House condemned the relocation actions as dehumanizing to illegal immigrants.”

    “It’s really just disrespectful to humanity … when you’re abandoning families and children in a place where they were told they were going to get housing, in a place where they were told they were going to get jobs,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went on to say about border states busing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

    “There’s a legal way of doing this, for managing migrants. Republican governors interfering in that process and using migrants as political pawns is shameful, is reckless, and just plain wrong,” she continued.

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    Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis then took credit for the planes carrying illegals that ended up in Martha’s Vineyard Thursday, slamming the sanctuary city for its policies, where said all states in America should be helping to shoulder the burden, not just red ones.

    “We take what’s happening at the southern border very seriously, unlike some, and unlike the president of the United States,” DeSantis remarked. “You’ve had millions and millions of people pouring across illegally, [a] record amount of fentanyl coming into our country.”

    “If you have folks who are inclined to think Florida is a good place, our message to them is we are not a sanctuary state, it’s better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction,” he added. “We will help facilitate that transport for you, so you can go to greener pastures.”

    For far too long the left has made decisions that impact everyone, but then managed to find ways to slide out of any consequences. This time they are being held accountable for their schemes. And this border crisis is no doubt a scheme, one that is designed to help them fill up voter registration just ahead of the November midterms.