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New Revelations From The ‘Twitter Files’ Say State Department Office Helped Fund ‘Disinformation’ Think Tank

In new revelations from the latest batch of the “Twitter Files,” journalist Matt Taibbi has stated than there was an office under the State Department that was allegedly behind the funding of a think-tank organization that was responsible for falsely tagging ordinary citizens as foreign political entities through a list of 40,000 accounts that was provided to Twitter back in June of 2021.

Documentation that was shared through Taibbi’s report revealed the list was provided through a group known as the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, which was allegedly involved in “inauthentic behavior” as a means of promoting Bharatiya Janata Party in the nation of India and to promote the ideals of Hindu nationalism.

The DFRL got a significant amount of cash from the Global Engagement Center, which is an office that exists within the State Department, allegedly designed to fight against misinformation. Which, as we all know by now, is just codespeak for any sort of information that goes against the left’s established narratives.

The folks at Newsmax have more information:

The DFRL is denying the use of GEC money to track Americans, Taibbi reported, but he said he contacted several Americans listed on the accounts and they said they were neither involved in Indian politics nor had any knowledge of Hindu nationalism.

The GEC also allegedly provided other lists of accounts of people they believed were acting to benefit countries such as China and Iran, including the names of three CNN employees and some Western government accounts, reported Taibbi. However, many of the people on those lists also had no connection to the allegations that were being named, he said.

Twitter’s safety chief Yoel Roth reportedly called the lists a “total crock.” Another Twitter employee, Aaron Rodericks, the company’s head of threat disruption, called the GEC’s reports “more entertainment than anything.”

“GEC has doubled their budget by aggressively overstating threats through unverified accusations that can’t be replicated either by external academics or by Twitter,” Rodericks said in an email Taibbi published.

The findings of the report, however, were handed out to several mainstream media outlets that published reports concerning “foreign disinformation.”

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The journalist then went on to say that he, along with author Michael Shellenberger, who has also published a number of Twitter File threads, will be giving testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on March 9.