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New Poll Reveals What Americans Thought Of Media’s Midterm Coverage And Whether It Favored Dems Or The GOP

    According to a brand new poll from Rasmussen Reports, a total of 37 percent of likely voters rated the media coverage of the midterm election to be good or excellent. That’s pretty bad. Then again, so was the coverage from outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the others that the progressives have in their pocket.

    Here are the results via Newsmax:

    • 13% rate the media coverage of the midterms as excellent; 24% say it was good; 23% rate it as fair; 33% say it was poor.
    • 31% say they got most of their news about the congressional campaigns this year from cable news networks; 22% from traditional networks; 20% from internet news sites; 11% from social media; 7% from print newspapers; 6% from radio; 3% were not sure.
    • 47% say most media coverage of the midterm campaigns favored Democrats; 26% say most of the coverage was balanced; 14% say it favored Republicans; 12% were not certain.
    • 56% of Republicans say the media’s campaign coverage favored Democrats, while 45% of Democrats agreed, along with 39% of independents.

    The poll, conducted Nov. 6-7, surveyed 1,000 likely voters. The margin of error is plus/minus 3 percentage points.

    The media is no longer about presenting unbiased facts for the American people. Those days have disappeared, flushed down the toilet a long, long time ago. Instead, news outlets have traded in being journalists to become propaganda makers.

    Now their only mission is to spoon feed the general public a specific agenda so that they swallow it down and become minions of the state. This has been largely successful up until Trump showed up. He exploded the narrative and now people are waking up in droves. Even after his departure from office.

    And that’s one of many reasons the radical left hates him so much.

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