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NBA Seeking Extra Woke Brownie Points Decides Not To Schedule Games On This Important Date

    The national Basketball Association just can’t get out of its own way.

    People watch sports to ESCAPE from day-to-day life. You know, things like wokeness, virtue signaling, political correctness; everything that makes life so fun these days!

    We’re all stressed out. The price for food and other essential items we need to live day-by-day have gone up so high in price many of us are having to pledge the souls of our firstborn children for a loaf of bread and light beer. It’s getting rough out here.

    And don’t even get me started on gas prices. Some folks are trying to save gas and thus money — in order to buy that loaf of bread and light beer mentioned above — by scootering to work. There’s nothing more tragically pathetic and sad than seeing a grown ass man doing a push scooter uphill in a business suit.

    All we want to be able to do is forget the troubles of the day and relax by watching some good, old fashioned competition. Instead, we get drowned in a pool of sorrow by having our head shoved under water by politics.

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    The NBA has seen a substantial ratings dip since 2020, mostly attributed to all of the constant racial overtones and virtue signaling. In short, people don’t want to be lectured when trying to watch their favorite sports ball games.

    Of course, since people and corporations rarely learn their lesson, here goes the NBA once again sprinting headlong into another ratings debacle. Let’s bounce it over to Outkick for the details:

    When the 2022 NBA schedule is released there will be no games set for Election Day on November 8.

    The NBA, which let’s all remember is not at all political, will keep all 30 teams off the court on Election Day in an attempt to increase voter turnout.

    While I’d like to commend the NBA for attempting to insure more people get out and vote, most conservatives don’t watch the NBA anyway, and with the impending red wave, probably don’t need a lack of NBA “action” to get out to the polls.

    I’m not an NBA fan, in fact I watch approximately zero games a season, but surely the league does this every year to foster voter turnout, right?

    The last time there were no games on Election Day was in 2020 when the league was shut down due to COVID. Games were played on Election Day in 2021 and on each midterm election day when Donald Trump was President sans the COVID season.

    Oops, that’s what I get for assuming. One would think the NBA would be bipartisan in nature, no? After all, as Mike Jordan once famously said ‘republicans buy sneakers too’.

    Maybe republicans aren’t buying whatever the NBA is selling, and they know that. This is clearly a left leaning organization, and not scheduling games on the midterm election day is a desperate plea to their fan base to get out and vote. Unfortunately for democrats, their fanbase is waning like the NBA’s is.

    “We don’t usually change the schedule for an external event,” James Cadogan, the Executive Director of the National Basketball Social Justice Coalition said. “But voting and Election Day are obviously unique and incredibly important to our democracy.”

    It’s also worth noting many voting polls close by 7:00 PM, the typical start time for most NBA games.

    This is where the democrat party and its operatives like the NBA are. Desperate. Desperate for votes because they smell what is on the wind.

    Change is coming, friends, and moves like this by the NBA only strengthen our resolve.

    The NBA keeping teams at home for this year’s midterms isn’t their only political strategy. All 30 teams will take the floor the Monday before Election Day with each home team hosting “election-based themed” fan nights.

    Surely each team’s theme will be unbiased and not at all driven by one specific political party or message.

    We are led to believe that voting is harder for minorities and certain states are trying to oppress minority voting. While any sensible person knows this is nonsense, I’m curious to see how the in-game messages will be presented.

    The NBA is a minority driven league, with the majority of players being black people. I wonder if any of the in-game messages will be focused on so-called racist voter id laws, all the while fans are being made to present and id for alcohol purchases. Hopefully some in attendance will be wise to the hypocrisy and see through this ruse by the NBA.

    The next day will determine whether the NBA is onto something, or just staying with their “go woke, go broke” philosophy.

    It’s too bad these folks don’t understand that concept. How much more do they need to fail in order for it to become clear?

    This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics