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Miss Universe’s Twitter Account Promotes ‘Inclusive Language’ About Periods…Immediately Regrets It.

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So the official Twitter account for Miss Universe is now advocating “inclusive language” when it comes to the topic of menstruation, however, this did not go over well with many of the individuals who follow the account.

Thank goodness. For a second there, I was beginning to think the entire planet had actually become mentally ill all at the same time. Good to know people with common sense and a firm grasp of basic science still exist.

“Inclusive language is important, especially when speaking about periods,” they account shared during Pride Month. “Thinking menstrual health is only a niche topic for woman excludes transgender, non-binary and gender-nonconforming people who have periods from the conversation. #menstrualequity.”

The tweet featured several graphics that featured words that should not be used and some that should. This is seriously stupid, folks.

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Here are more details via The Daily Wire:

“How to talk about periods” slides recommended replacing “women’s health” with “reproductive health” and “women who have periods” with “people who have periods.”

“Not all women menstruate and not all people who menstruate are women,” the final graphic says.

Followers were confused by the virtue signaling, especially by an organization like Miss Universe.

“CLOWN WORLD GETS A TIARA,” one user replied, sharing an image highlighting how their profile says, “@missuniverse exists to advocate for a future forged by women.”

“I promise you that Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Lucy Burns and other suffragettes didn’t struggle for women’s rights so that the term ‘woman’ could be summarily erased from our language,” another individual tweeted in response. “Notably, I have yet to hear anyone refer to ‘people with prostates.’”

Yet another critic of the post said, “Are you that organisation that parades young females wearing all sorts of clothes & swim suits in front of mostly male judges & audiences? And now you are lecturing what they should and should not say?”

“Inclusive language has become a hot issue, with multiple brands including feminine product companies jumping on the bandwagon. NPR was mocked recently for their tweet about national tampon shortages,” the Daily Wire reported.

I can’t believe it’s even necessary to say this, but if you are a biological male, no matter how far down the delusional rabbithole you’ve fallen, you are still a dude. Therefore, you do not have a menstrual cycle.

Because you are not a real woman.

This is fundamental science, guys. Come on.