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Migrants Flown To Martha’s Vineyard Are Being Moved Again; Here’s Where They Are Headed

    Migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard by conservative powerhouse Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida are now being moved once again, this time to Joint Base Cape Cod. You got to love DeSantis. This guy just keeps getting better and better, utilizing strategies that not only appeal to his base — and the conservative base as a whole — but also prove he has a backbone and a set of values he holds to that all Americans should be able to agree with.

    “Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration on Friday released details to provide shelter and humanitarian support for the migrants, and added that the National Guard will be activated as part of the relief effort,” Newsmax reported.

    “Buses have arrived to transport the migrants from Martha’s Vineyard. I just spoke with two men who traveled together who said they don’t know where they are headed but we’re told it would be somewhere safe and with more room. @NBC10Boston,” NBC Boston’s Bianca Beltran posted on Twitter Friday morning which included a video showing buses moving.

    Here’s more from the Newsmax report:

    DeSantis sent a pair of flights of illegal immigrants Wednesday to Martha’s Vineyard in the latest move to get Democrat-run areas away from the southern border to bear some responsibility for President Joe Biden’s “open border policies.” Baker’s administration said shelter and humanitarian supports will be provided at JBCC for the approximately 50 Venezuelan migrants who arrived in Martha’s Vineyard this week.

    The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency is coordinating efforts with state and local officials to ensure access to food, shelter and essential services for the migrants. The administration’s press release also said Baker planned to activate up to 125 members of the Massachusetts National Guard as part of the relief effort.

    The governor’s office took steps to move the migrants to JBCC because the Martha’s Vineyard “communities are not equipped to provide sustainable accommodation.”

    “JBCC has historically housed and cared for displaced individuals, including Louisiana residents fleeing the impact of Hurricane Katrina, as well as an alternative care medical site for Massachusetts residents during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the administration’s press release went on to say.

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    Families and individual migrants will take up residence in JBCC dorm-like spaces. Each person or family will have its own space. Families will not be separated, according to information released by the administration.

    Baker, who is a member of the GOP, went on to thank the residents of Martha’s Vineyard for helping to provide support for the illegal migrants sent to the area.

    “We are grateful to the providers, volunteers and local officials that stepped up on Martha’s Vineyard over the past few days to provide immediate services to these individuals,” Baker remarked in a statement.

    “Our Administration has been working across state government to develop a plan to ensure these individuals will have access to the services they need going forward, and Joint Base Cape Cod is well equipped to serve these needs,” Baker concluded.