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Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Major Promise At CPAC Concerning Youth Transgender Therapies

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is good at a lot of things, but it seems her best qualities are standing on conservative principles and royally pissing off the loony left, which is probably one reason she is among the most popular conservatives in Congress. Thanks to the influence of former President Donald Trump, we’ve seen a rise in diehard Republicans who want to actually stand on their principles and push policies that are about shrinking the government, expanding liberty, and reeling in our immoral and perverse culture.

Greene has proven her reputation for being a hard-nosed member of the GOP by stating at CPAC she is planning to reintroduce her legislation to ban transgender therapies for minors. This is something that absolutely needs to happen. Too many young people are being confused by the messaging of the modern-day liberal movement and believing themselves to be transgender when in reality they are just caught in a trend, making life altering choices like breast removal or genital mutilation to try — and fail — at becoming the opposite sex.

This will prevent theses disasters from happening and providing young folk with time to really think through these major decisions.

“When it comes to kids, I think the Republican Party has a duty,” Greene went on to say as she took the stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee gathering, this year’s event being held at Maryland’s National Harbor, outside of the nation’s capital. “We have a responsibility and that is to be the party that protects children.”

Greene revealed she will be reintroducing the bill next week in order to get it passed through the House right now as it is controlled by the GOP.

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“Call every single member of Congress and tell them to get on the “Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” she told the audience. Greene’s bill would make it a felony for a medical doctor or staff to perform “gender affirming care” on any person who is under the age of 18, Just the News reported.

“Greene called out the multi-billion dollar industry that performs gender-affirming surgeries on minors, stating that this industry targets children and makes them victims of a dangerous ideology,” the report continued.

“The victims of this industry are kids,” she remarked during her speech. “These are kids who are confused about what they are. They’re confused about who they are because of what they’re seeing on the internet and what they’re seeing on social media.”