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LOL: Check Out The Letter Team Brandon’s Sending Out To Folks Who Applied For Student Loan Forgiveness

    One of my favorite accounts for keeping tabs on what the government is up to recently got its hands on a screenshot of the email that Team Biden’s Secretary of Education is allegedly sending students and posted the pictures of that email with a caption saying:

    Hahaha holy shit here’s what the Biden admin is emailing out to student loan debt forgiveness applicants

    And here’s what the email sent out by Team Biden says:

    From Secretary Cardona: Lawsuits are preventing the US Department of Education from implementing its one-time student loan debt relief prograom; we are holding your approved application

    This email provides you with an update on the one-time Student Loan Debt Relief plan that President Biden and I announced on August 24th.

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    We reviewed your application and determined that you are elibigle for loan relief under the Plan. We have sent this approval on to your loan servicer. You do not need to take any further action.

    Unfortunately, a number of lawsuits have been filed challenging the program, which have blocked our ability to discharge your debt at present. We believe strongly that the lawsuits are meritless, and the Department of Justice has appealed on our behalf. Your application is complete and approved, and we will discharge your approved debt if and when we prevail in court. We will update you when there are new developments.

    The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to helping borrowers as they recover from the pandemic. 

    Education is a great equalizer, and we will never stop fighting for you!

    In Service, 

    Miguel A. Cardona

    U.S. Secretary of Education

    People on Twitter took the opportunity to rip into both the Brandon Administration and the average leftist in college, saying things like:

    “Never forget they’re using a law designed to help post-9/11 deployed servicemen from defaulting on loans while fighting overseas for the justification of this. Our fighting men are now synonymous with blue-haired 30-somethings with liberal arts degrees that can’t find a job.”

    “Totally unfair to everyone who paid their debt and even more unfair to folks who never went and are paying taxes to cover this. Not cool.”

    “When money is borrowed it has to be paid back with interest. As a result, it should only be used on things that increase your productivity or your ‘ability to repay.’ Most college majors today fail this simple test. It’s why trillions in student debt can’t be repaid”

    “Translation: thanks for your vote, we couldn’t uphold our promise on this and never will. Sorry, you believed our lies, here are some more empty promises! 🖕”

    “I never even applied. I don’t want their blood money. Working class people shouldn’t be paying my damn bills.”

    “In other words, “If this doesn’t happen, it wasn’t me who did the thing that made you angry. Go attack someone else.”

    “In other words: Understand that in two years we’ll do it again and we promise it will happen after you vote.”

    “I’m waiting for credit card debt forgiveness and mortgage forgiveness. Why should I be bound by a contract I signed?”

    Hey it’s refreshing to know there are folks out there who don’t think it’s everyone else’s responsibility to take care of them and help foot the bill for their life choices. A person who chooses to go to college should be paying for that themselves, as higher education is not even remotely close to being a right.

    Not to mention the current higher education system is a joke anyway. The classes are mostly there for the purpose of carrying on the indoctrination started in the public school system. And thanks to the government sticking its nose in the financial aid system and handing out loans left and right, the job market is now flooded with people, making the market so competitive it’s almost impossible to find a job.

    Sounds pretty bogus.

    By: Gen Z Conservative

    This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics