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Liberal Stephanopoulos Has Bad News For Biden In New Poll

    George Stephanopoulos, the host for ABC’s “The Week,” program stated during an episode of the program airing on Sunday that new polling from his network has revealed that former President Donald Trump beats Joe Biden in a contest for the race.

    “You know Donna, Chris Christie says this is slowly moving away from Donald Trump. And I think I actually agree with him. But the polling right now is not really showing that. It’s showing, among Republican voters, he’s holding firm. Our poll shows him defeating Joe Biden in 2024,” Stephanopoulos said, according to Newsmax.

    During the episode, Stephanopoulos’ statement was quickly shot down in a major rebuke from guest and former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile. However, she did not really provide any sort of significant push back on Trump defeating Biden in 2024. I think most people know that if Trump runs and Biden runs, it’s over for the Democratic Party.

    “Look,” Brazile said during the show, “Donald Trump — his house of cards is really crumbling down. He’s under investigation just about everywhere. Too bad he’s not in Louisiana. We’ll put him under investigation just for showing up.”

    “Donald Trump is, at this point, the major player in the Republican party.” Brazile stated. “… Donald Trump has got these candidates into the dance. Now they have to figure out if they know the groove. That’s where Democrats will have an advantage because we have better candidates.”

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    “The report comes in light of others that Democrats may be pushing for another candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Recently, Dick Morris, an adviser to former President Bill Clinton, said that Democrats would try to run Hillary as a centrist in place of Biden, who ran his 2020 campaign on the moniker as a ‘uniter,'” the report continued.