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Lara Trump Says Biden Docs Smells Of Big Time ‘Hypocrisy,’ And Corruption

    Lara Trump made an appearance on Newsmax where she stated that President Joe Biden either has to finally fulfill his campaign promise of transparency or he is going to be exposed as a major hypocrite. And this is absolutely true. Of course, Biden also promised to be kinder to those who disagree with him, but has proven to be anything but, labeling anyone who dares question his agenda as “ultra-MAGA,” which is a ridiculous term to try and use as an insult.

    “It’s obvious hypocrisy, and I think the American people very clearly see that,” Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump’s middle son, went on to say during an interview on Thursday’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “This is the reason that people have very little trust in our politicians and our institutions at this point.”

    “The fact that you had Joe Biden out there ranting and raving about something that Donald Trump supposedly did; meanwhile, you could argue that what he did — Joe Biden did — was far worse,” she continued.

    “The Justice Department, the special counsel, or the Bidens themselves need to reveal what the classified documents are about in order to make good on his alleged promise of transparency, Lara Trump told host Rob Schmitt,” Newsmax reported.

    “What are these documents that Joe Biden has?” she later asked. “I think we need full transparency here. What we know is that some of these documents relate back to Ukraine, as you pointed out.”

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    “We know the relation of the Biden family and Ukraine: Hunter [Biden], Burisma, all the money that has transpired between that country and the Biden family. There are a lot of questions surrounding what those documents were,” Trump added.

    She then remarked, “There apparently are some documents as well about Iran. Think about the implications of that sort of thing. The Biden Penn Center where the initial documents were found back in November, don’t forget that center was paid for with tens of millions of dollars from where? From China. It is all a very messy situation.”

    “There is one thing that they all have in common. Whether it’s China, Ukraine, Russia, a lot of questions: It’s all the Biden family. And the American people deserve the truth, transparency; and it’s for the future of the security of our country,” Lara Trump stated during the Newsmax interview.

    She then pointed out that documents were found just days before the 2022 midterm elections, however, just like with Hunter Biden’s laptop story, their discovery was kept hidden from the American people.

    “They were recovered prior to the midterm elections. You think about how that might have swayed the midterm elections, and good people might have changed some of their votes as they looked at this,” Lara Trump commented. “We know that 1 in 6 people who cast a vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, had they known the Hunter Biden laptop story was real, would not have voted for Joe Biden.”

    “So you have to ask yourself: ‘Why now? Why did they finally decided to come out with this?’ Perhaps it was going to leak out, and they were sort of forced to do it. But it is interesting timing,” she said, going on to add, “It’s also interesting that we did not see any unprecedented predawn raid of Joe Biden’s Delaware home, of course, like we saw [of] Mar-a-Lago, my father-in-law.”