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Joe Biden Just Signed Second Executive Order Concerning Abortion

    President Joe Biden, a man who we can safely say has the intelligence level of a single-celled amoeba, slammed the Supreme Court and Republicans on Wednesday by saying they are clueless about the power of American women as he put his signature down on his second executive order designed to protect the slaughter of the pre-born in the United States.

    Here are a few details about the order from Newsmax:

    The order asks the federal health department to consider allowing Medicaid funds to be used to help facilitate out of state travel for abortions. Like Biden’s first order signed in July, it is meant to address the recent Supreme Court decision to end the nationwide constitutional right to abortion.

    It is expected to have limited impact, as Republicans in U.S. states push a wave of laws restricting abortion, access to medication and funding for such services.

    The president’s actions come a day after Kansas voters rejected one such effort, to remove abortion protections from the state’s constitution. The vote was a resounding win for the abortion rights movement in the first statewide electoral test since the Supreme Court ruling.

    “I don’t think the court has any notion for that matter or the Republican party for that matter…how women are going to respond. They don’t have a clue about the power of American women,” Biden went on to say. “Last night in Kansas they found out.”

    The smugness of this man is enough to make you want to barf every time he opens his mouth. Yes, Biden is destined to not only be a one-term president, but to possibly be the worst leader this nation has ever seen.

    Biden then referred to the results in Kansas as a “decisive victory,” going on to say that voters there sent a “powerful signal” that makes it clear politicians should not be interfering with the fundamental rights of women.

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    First off, women do not have the fundamental right to murder children in the womb. So there’s that.

    “This fight is not over and we saw that last night in Kansas,” Biden went on say. The Supreme Court “dared women in this country go to the ballot box and restore the right to choose,” that it had just took away, Biden rambled on.

    “Last month, Biden said the Supreme Court, which is weighted 6-3 with conservative judges, was ‘out of control’ after ruling in June to overturn Roe v Wade, ending a half-century of protections for women’s reproductive rights. His first order in early July directed the federal government’s health department to expand access to medication abortion and ensure that women who travel for abortions are protected,” the report said.

    What this means is, the fight for the preservation of life for our country’s most vulnerable citizens is not over. Pro-lifers, you need to realize this battle is just getting started. It’s just now getting real. Hang in there. Don’t lose heart.