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Huckabee Says If Republicans Win Big, It’s Time To Stop ‘Playing Nice’

    Former Republican Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, sat down for an interview with Newsmax where he stated that if the GOP manages to take the majority in Congress, it’s “time for Republicans to act like they really want to bring some reform and accountability” to Washington — and not “play nice.”

    Amen to that.

    The left has not bothered to follow through on their promises to strive for unity after Trump lost in 2020, which was something that Biden swore he would do when he took office. Like much of the bluster he blabbed about during his campaign, this promise has not only gone unfulfilled, it’s been totally tossed in the garbage. Things are worse now than when Trump was in office.

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    Huckabee doubts President Joe Biden will embrace a unifying message from the GOP, charging on “National Report” that “he calls us a threat to Democracy — he’s probably not going to want to work with Republicans.” Huckabee said it will be up to newly elected Republicans to make dramatic changes in Washington — and not “go to Washington and roll over and play dead.”

    “That’s what they’ve done in the past when they get a big victory,” the former GOP presidential candidate said. “They don’t do anything other than go to some nice cocktail parties in Georgetown.”

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    “This is the time for Republicans to act like they really want to bring some reform and accountability … they’ve got to ask the hard questions,” he continued.

    Huckabee also issued a warning, saying, “If the Republicans that we’ve worked hard to get there, if they go in and just basically play nice and have a patty-cake party … it’s time to throw them out too.”

    “Promises from House lawmakers who say they’re going to investigate the FBI, the [Department of Justice] for political bias — we’ll have to wait and see if they follow through on that promise,” he said.

    Huckabee pointed out that now is not the proper time to be having intra-party rivalries.

    “That will happen when we’re into the campaign season for 2024,” he remarked. “Maybe we ought to hold off on it for now.”

    “We have a common opponent right now,” he proclaimed. “It’s the far-left Democrats who believe in mutilating little girls and little boys and their bodies. It’s the people who think we ought to have open borders, raise taxes, cut our energy supply and double the cost of our energy. Those are the people we need to be going after right now. Not each other.”