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HORRIFYING: Man Stops On Street Corner To Reload, What Happens Next Is Beyond Disturbing

An individual stood in shock as he captured a murder on video Monday morning, in broad daylight, on the streets of downtown St. Louis. Folks, the world we live in today is becoming more and more dangerous and deadly by the minute. And what’s worse, as crime rates spike and criminals become emboldened, the left continues its assault on police officers, which has led to many departments being defunded, causing fewer officials out on the streets to stop horrific incidents like this one from happening.

The video of the incident was published on Twitter by a user called @ponziSTL, along with a caption that read, “This was in #stl today in broad daylight. Dude executed him with not a care in the [world]. We have a corrupt George Soros funded prosecutor and 1/4 murders in St Louis actually are prosecuted. That’s what y’all get when you vote for soft on crime democrats. This is outcome. Another black man executed where’s BLM?”

“The video, which was shot through a window from inside a nearby building, showed two black men on the street directly in front of the window — one sitting on the curb with his feet stretched into the street, and the other standing about five feet behind him. The men outside could not be heard, but two people inside the building could be heard discussing whether or not there had been a gunshot prior to the beginning of the video,” the Daily Wire reported.

Here’s more from the report:

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The second man, who was wearing black pants and a blue jacket with bright yellow sleeves, appeared to be struggling to load a handgun. “He just put a magazine in, he’s still trying to load it,” the person taking the video commented.

The man wrestled with the firearm for about 30 seconds before he was satisfied with his work — at which point he walked closer to the man who was seated and held the gun to his head.

The video cut away just as the shot rang out, and the person filming reacted immediately: “Oh my God. He just f***ing killed him. He just f***ing killed him.”

A report published by local NBC affiliate KSDK revealed that the murder occurred in the 700 block of North Tucker Boulevard and was first reported to local police around 10 a.m. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The man who fired the weapon and his victim were reportedly involved in an altercation at a nearby gas station just prior to the shooting.

“The shooting comes as Democratic St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner faces a potential ouster — Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R-MO) has called for her removal amid allegations that she has failed to fulfill her duties and prosecute criminals in the city of St. Louis,” the report concluded.