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HILARIOUS: Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity Mock Brian Stelter And Harvard In Brilliant Video

    Sean Hannity had an absolute field day when he recently found time on his show to tear into recently fired Brian “The Potato” Stelter, a frequent punching bag on the right because of his far-left outlook, soft complexion, and nasal voice. But, this time, it wasn’t Stelter’s normal nonsense that drew Hannity’s fire. Rather, it was his new gig.

    Before going any further, it should be mentioned that Stelter, like many others who have recently been handed their pink slips from CNN, is a total hack. There’s not a single bone in the man’s body dedicated to the idea of journalistic integrity. In fact, if you asked him to define that phrase, he likely would give you a blank stare, reverting into his potato form.

    However, CNN’s new leadership has stated they want to get away from biased opinion spewing and get back to more objective reporting. I’ll believe it when I see it. Even if they do change directions, it will take years and years to undo the damage they caused this country by participating in the narrative pushing that they did on behalf of progressives in the Democratic Party.

    As background, Stelter was recently hired by Harvard. The American Tribune, reporting on Stelter’s new gig, said:

    Ousted CNN host Brian Stelter was dropped like a heavy sack of potatoes from the disgraced network last month, leaving him briefly unemployed and saving all of us from his nightly ritualistic whining. So where do you go for a job when the private sector can’t support you?

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    Outkick is reporting that the Reliable Sources host has been hired by Harvard to teach as a Democracy Fellow in order to teach students about “threats against democracy.”

    Harvard’s Shorenstein Center at the Kennedy School of Government, announcing Stelter’s new position in a tweet, said:

    NEWS: @brianstelter is coming to the @Kennedy_School as the center’s 2022 Walter Shorenstein Fellow! He’ll be holding a series of public events and community discussions about democracy and the role of the media in preserving it. Welcome, Brian!

    Well, following the story of Stelter’s new gig breaking, Hannity decided to joke about it on his show, making fun of Stelter and questioning how low Harvard can go. Joking about Stelter, who he called the “recently-fired professional Fox News and Hannity-stalker,” Hannity said:

    Fake news CNN’s Humpty Dumpty, who had a great fall, Brian Stelter announced his next move. He just landed a fellowship – can’t even believe this – at Harvard University teaching a course on so-called threats to democracy.”

    Continuing, Hannity then sniped at Harvard while repeating his “Humpty Dumpty” nickname for Stelter, saying: “This is how low Harvard has now sunk. They hired Humpty.”

    Then, making yet more jokes at Harvard’s expense and bringing up its far-left bias in a funny way, Hannity joked that they should make him a guest lecturer too, saying:

    I’ll do two uninterrupted hours. I’ll make it an audio/visual presentation that’ll be an extravaganza. And I’ll show all the lies that he and his former liberal network colleagues have been peddling [to] this country for years with all the proof that they lied.”

    And, saying what many, particularly those on their rights, had on their minds about Stelter and the various lies that helped the left politically that he has repeated, Hannity said:

    And also ask yourself, Will Humpty’s class detail how Humpty himself pushed the Russia collusion lie, conspiracy theory and hoax?” Hannity added. “Or what about that Jesse Smollett was the victim of a hate crime hoax or suggesting that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation, another hoax?

    “Or will he even be remotely critical of anything that Democrats and his liberal media colleagues have done?

    Concluding with a remark about the decline of the once-great university, Hannity said “I can’t believe how low they’ve sunk.

    Jesse Watters also tore into Harvard and Stelter, as you can watch here:

    By: Gen Z Conservative

    This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative