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GOP Congressman Has Bad News For Big Fans Of Critical Race Theory Should The GOP Win The House In November

    Congressman Michael Waltz, a Republican from Florida, the home of Gov. Ron DeSantis, took an opportunity to shred the Air Force Academy for instructing its cadets to adopt the oh so ridiculous gender-inclusive language that is part part of the school’s inclusion and diversity training, promising to “cut this cancer out of the military,” should the GOP cinch a Republican victory for the House in November.

    During an interview on “National Report,” Waltz said he’s “demanding answers” from the secretary of the Air Force.

    “When we take the House in November, we are going to ban [critical race theory] from the United States military and from the military academies,” he vowed, according to Newsmax. “I’ve introduced, along with some of my colleagues, a number of measures the last few years to do just that. But the Democrats repeatedly voted it down.”

    “When we’re in the majority we will have the votes, and we are going to cut this cancer out of our military before it spreads too far,” he added.

    Waltz then spoke about how shocked he was when parents and cadets told him about teachings against “microaggressions,” and to no longer refer to their parents as “mom” or “dad,” or “boyfriend,” or “girlfriend.” Because those words were created by the patriarchy to oppress women or something.

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    “This story broke because of a series of slides and memos that cadets themselves, that their families, brought to me and brought to my office, and we’ve since sent a letter to both the superintendent of the Air Force Academy and the secretary of the Air Force demanding answers,” the Florida Republican said.

    Waltz added, “these cadets are outraged because they’re being instructed to not say ‘mom’ and ‘dad.’ They’re being instructed to not say ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend.’ They are also having seminars on microaggressions. I don’t know, why don’t we worry about the macroaggressions from the Chinese air force and the Russian air force?”

    The congressman finished things up in the interview by saying, “every minute, every hour every day you spend on this kind of nonsense, you’re not spending on military history, tactics, operations, engineering — the things that we’ll need to fight and win wars.”