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GOP Congressman Hammers Manchin Backed Bill Over What It Will Do To Families

    According to Republican Congressman Bryan Steil of Wisconsin, the new Inflation Reduction Act, which is being backed by Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, is a “terrible bill” that will ultimately raise taxes and “clobber American families that are already struggling.”

    “We’ve got to remember this is coming from the Democratic one-party rule that told us reckless spending wouldn’t cause inflation,” Steil stated during an interview on Tuesday’s “National Report.” “Now what they want to do is double down on their reckless policy.”

    Not only that, but Steil said “it’s going to force us into a recession. The evidence continues to come out that these folks that want to redefine what a recession is now want to redefine what lowering inflation is. It’s the reason Democrats need to be taken out of power in November.”

    “Meanwhile, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., will also have to vote for the bill so Democrats can push it through, but she and Manchin were both holdouts on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation, and Steil said he questions the wisdom of his party placing its bets on just Manchin and Sinema,” Newsmax reported.

    “We’ve got to remember that both of these two Democrats were more than happy to spend $1.9 trillion at the start of the Biden administration,” Steil went on to say during the interview. “That set the fire of inflation that we’re still suffering under, so I remain very concerned that at any moment, Sinema or Manchin may change their tune and may add more fuel to the fire, and we’re going to see that Democratic one-party control in Washington continues to recklessly spend money.”

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    Steil then went on to drop a comment concerning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her trip to Taiwan, stating that while she does have the authority to make a visit to a democracy that deserves the support of the United States, her trips is really just a distraction from the things happening right now with the economy.

    “The bills they bring up before the House of Representatives time after time have nothing to do with runaway inflation, nothing to unleash American energy, and nothing to address the crime crisis playing out,” Steil stated during the interview.

    He then finished up by saying, “Communist China should not threaten any American citizen, including and in particular, elected representatives of the United States government.”

    Right on.

    While I’m no fan of Pelosi, she’s still an American citizen and China has absolutely no right to threaten the life and safety of our elected officials, even if it’s someone we completely disagree with.

    That was a bad idea on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail moving forward.