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GOP Congressman Delivers Epic Slam To Biden Over Failure To Resolve Border Crisis

    Republican Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas stated on Thursday that the “apathy” of President Joe Biden toward the border crisis is what is preventing the southwest border from being secured, before going on to accuse him of a “gross dereliction of duty.”

    Fallon made his claims on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” program, pointing out that Biden has “ignored” the southern border.

    This is a good observation. Many think he’s ignored it on purpose, as part of a strategy to allow illegal immigrants to flood into the country so the Democratic Party can then use them as votes in the upcoming midterm election.

    “Joe Biden has shown a complete, really horrific apathy towards the securing our southern border. He’s ignored it. He hasn’t visited it, he sent his quote-unquote border czar [Vice President] Kamala Harris down to the border one time — she doesn’t know what’s going on,” Fallon stated during the interview.

    Fallon then added, “The worst month we’ve had in our history was April with 234,000 illegal border crossings. That was 1,258% worse than the last April that President [Donald] Trump was in office. But then that was only exceeded when we got the main numbers, which was nearly 240,000 illegal border crossings, which was 930% worse than the last May that President Trump was in office. So, it’s 10 times worse.”

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    “Never mind that the Mexican drug cartels are making wild profits and they smuggle these folks. Usually, they charge about $4,000 a person, so it’s starting to rival the money they’re making with illegal narcotics. It is chaos. It is a catastrophe, and Joe Biden has shown just a gross dereliction of duty,” Fallon concluded.

    If the left thinks we’re all too stupid to realize what they are up to by allowing this crisis to continue without any action being taken to slow the influx of illegal immigrants, then they couldn’t be more wrong.

    We’re on to the schemes.

    Let’s hope the red wave happens this November and slowly, but surely, something is done to bring the crisis to an end.