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GOP Candidate For Michigan Secretary Of State Rips Democrat Leaders, Says Parents Have Been ‘Demonized’

    Kristina Karamo, the GOP candidate currently running for secretary of state in Michigan, dropped a big response concerning how she planned to shake a few things up on the very first day of January if she should take home the victory in tomorrow evening’s midterm elections.

    And it’s something liberals really struggle to do.

    “By following the law,” Karamo succinctly stated during an interview with Newsmax Monday afternoon, while making an appearance on “American Agenda” with hosts Bob Sellers and Katrina Szish.

    During previous elections, voters in the state of Michigan were tricked by candidates from the Democratic Party who often passed themselves off as being moderate while they were on the campaign trail, however, they were anything but when they actually took office.

    “But then they tend to take a left turn once getting into office,” Karamo, a community college professor who has also secured the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, went on to say. “But that won’t happen to me as [Michigan’s] secretary of state.”

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    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s current secretary of state and Karamo’s main opponent for Tuesday’s race, has garnered previous criticism from residents over the last few years — with issues ranging from election integrity and election security to the Democrat leaders’ actions in handling the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21.

    Karamo said the secretary of state position is “really not a partisan role.” She pointed out Benson’s office committing election-related violations in the last month. “I”m running on following the law” and making sure Michigan residents are properly served, regardless of political affiliation, said Karamo.

    When asked about a report on minority groups, such as Hispanics, supporting the Republicans in droves this election cycle, Karamo expressed no surprise.

    “The Democratic Party is no longer liberal,” said Karamo, while adding the progressive wing has taken over party control.

    Karamo then stated that Benson’s office had previously proposed “doing away” with photo identification needed for individuals to cast their ballots during an election.

    The Michigan Republican also revealed that Democrat leaders were supporting the promotion of pornographic materials in public schools, which is something that has angered Arab and Muslim families who live in Metro Detroit.

    “The parents were demonized for making reasonable requests” of school leaders, Karamo remarked during the interview.

    “And [the parents] are not going to stand for [being ignored] any longer,” she concluded.