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Former President Trump Just Revealed What He Wanted To Do On Jan. 6

    Former President Donald Trump has stated that he wanted to march to the Capitol building following his rally on Jan. 6, 2022, however, the Secret Service stepped in and squashed his plans.

    The comments from the former president come from an interview he conducted with The Washington Post and were published in a story on Thursday.

    “Secret Service said I couldn’t go,” former President Trump stated. “I would have gone there in a minute.”

    Some of the folks who marched to the Capitol ended up storming the building and violence soon broke out outside of the building. Trump placed the blame on the shoulders of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for allowing things to get so out of hand.

    “I thought it was a shame, and I kept asking why isn’t she doing something about it?” he said during the interview. “Why isn’t Nancy Pelosi doing something about it? And the mayor of D.C. also.”

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    “The mayor of D.C. and Nancy Pelosi are in charge. I hated seeing it. I hated seeing it. And I said, ‘It’s got to be taken care of,’ and I assumed they were taking care of it,” Trump continued.

    The Post then went on to point out that Pelosi shares control of the Capitol with the Senate majority leader.

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Pelosi, responded, telling the Post: “The former president’s desperate lies aside, the speaker was no more in charge of the security of the U.S. Capitol that day than Mitch McConnell.”

    Trump eventually released a video asking supporters to go home. The Post said it came 187 minutes after he had urged them to march to the Capitol during a rally near the White House.

    The violence at the Capitol came shortly after the rally, where Trump spoke to a large crowd.

    “The crowd was far bigger than I even thought,” the former president said. “ I believe it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken to. I don’t know what that means, but you see very few pictures. They don’t want to show pictures; the fake news doesn’t want to show pictures. But this was a tremendous crowd.”

    Trump then said that the select committee investigating the events of that day have not contacted him. He then said that he didn’t know what he would if the panel did contact him and asked for his assistance in the investigation.

    “It depends what the request is,” he remarked.

    “Trump claimed the panel’s interview with his daughter, Ivanka, was a ‘shame and harassment.’ However, he insisted he did not know what committee members had asked her,” the report said. “Trump said he does not recall ‘getting very many’ phone calls on Jan. 6 and insisted he did not remove any call logs.”

    The former president then stated that he recalled speaking with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Jim Jordan, along with a few others.

    “From the standpoint of telephone calls, I don’t remember getting very many,” he went on to say, adding later, “Why would I care about who called me? If congressmen were calling me, what difference did it make? There was nothing secretive about it. There was no secret.”