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Former President Donald Trump Gives Pelosi Warning About Taiwan Trip

    While there have been a number of establishment Republicans coming out Tuesday in favor of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, former President Donald Trump is warning that the whole thing is unnecessarily asking for “trouble.”

    “Why is Crazy Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan,” Trump stated in a post on Truth Social. “Always causing trouble. Nothing she does turns out well (two failed Impeachments, loss of House, etc.). WATCH!”

    China is now conducting military exercises around Taiwan in response to Pelosi paying a visit to the island, which is a clear sign of tensions escalating.

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    But 25 Republicans backing Trump rival Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., have come out to “support” Pelosi’s Democrat-only delegation.

    Trump’s remarks also fly against the state position of his former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said this weekend the Trump administration sent delegations to Taiwan without issue.

    “For four years we didn’t see this kind of thing happen,” he went on to say. “We had American officials travel to Taiwan. We conducted navigation through the Straits of Taiwan during our four years, many, many times.

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    “The Chinese never threatened to shoot down an American plane. While they would make claims, they would say hostile things, we were always confident that they understood that America was serious and shows real resolve in defending the American people,” he added.

    But Pompeo still was implored Pelosi to stick to her desire to visit Taiwan because backing down amid a Chinese threat would show further weakness.

    “The world has an expectation she wanted to go there,” Pompeo explained. “She had planned to go there. To the extent that plan changes now to what it was – that’s a really, really risky thing.”

    Pompeo then said that China’s comment about “playing with fire” made toward the Biden administration revealed a lack of “respect” for America and Joe Biden as president.

    “I think they don’t have that same fear; I don’t think they have that same respect for American presidency that they had just 18, 19 months ago now,” he continued. “That presents an awful lot of risk to the United States of America.”

    Pompeo then pointed a finger at Biden for being weak and bowing down to threats being made by China.

    “I don’t agree with Speaker Pelosi very often, but she made it clear that she wanted to go visit, on her own, to visit Taiwan, an independent, sovereign nation,” Pompeo went on to say during the interview. “Now, the Biden administration is saying, ‘Well, maybe that’s not smart.'”

    He then said, “To allow America to be bullied by Chinese propaganda – right after, frankly, President Biden’s had a phone call, a long phone call with Xi Jinping,” Pompeo continued, “would send a really bad message to our friends in the region – the Australians, the South Koreans, the Japanese.”

    Pompeo concluded, “But mostly, it would tell the American people that it’s OK if the United States permitted a communist party a long ways away to dictate how Americans will behave, where we will travel, the things we will say.”