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Florida Father Pursues Man Arrested For Doing Unthinkable To Girls In Walmart Dressing Room

    A man in Florida has now been charged with violating the privacy of young girls inside of a Walmart dressing by recording them while they undressed.

    The victims were two girls ages 4 and 12, informed their dad about what happened at a store that was located in Fort Meyers, which then prompted the dad, along with store security, to chase after the sick SOB, who was then apprehended at a nearby bus station.

    What a classless pervert piece of garbage. I really want to light this dude up on here, but I’ll try my best to be professional.

    Check out the details from Fox News:

    The suspect, 29-year-old Dalton Matheson, was arrested and charged with video voyeurism, resisting arrest and petit theft. At a press conference on Thursday, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno described Matheson as a “disgusting pathetic person” and a “monster,” who belongs behind bars.

    “I want to make it clear as I have since day one: We protect those that cannot protect themselves,” Marceno went on to say, according to local media station WFLA-TV. “There is nothing more precious than a child, and making certain that we protect our children at all costs.”

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    Store surveillance camera captured Matheson entering the store, grabbing some clothes and heading to the fitting room. The girls said the man peered over the top of their stall and started recording them with their cell phone while they were changing. One of the girls verbally acknowledged the phone, prompting the man to flee.

    Lee County deputies are working with Fort Meyers police to determine if the same suspect could be connected to a similar incident that happened at a Good Will store days earlier.

    “Everything we can charge, we will charge at the highest level,” Marceno stated.

    A guy like this deserves to be locked away and share a cell with a big boy named Bubba who is currently single and ready to mingle. Only that would be a true serving of justice in a case like this.

    We have to do everything in our power to protect our children. It seems our modern-day culture is extremely hostile to children, whether it’s murdering them in the womb or sexualizing them in the classroom.

    More than ever, parents have their work cut out for them in keeping the innocence of their children intact.