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FL Sen. Rick Scott Rips Into China For Trying To ‘Demolish Democracies Around The World’

    Sen. Rick Scott, a Florida Republican recently stated during an interview on Newsmax that China “has decided” to be the enemy of the U.S., as they continue to violate human rights and try to “demolish democracies around the world.”

    “They’ve already taken away all the basic rights of Hong Kong citizens. What they’re doing with the Uyghurs is disgusting. What they’re doing with people in prison — taking away their organs involuntarily — is disgusting,” Scott went on to say during an appearance on “The Record With Greta Van Susteren.”

    The senator, who apparently did not join in signing a letter from other GOP leaders that supported House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, did not give a reason why he opted out of signing on with the rest of the group.

    Rather, Scott decided to talk about his own experience visiting the island. He then went on to emphasis how important he thought it was for elected officials from the U.S. to visit Taiwan as China continues to be aggressive in indicating an upcoming invasion.

    “I support Nancy Pelosi going, I support elected leaders going, but you send the message when you go over there in person,” Scott remarked.

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    When he was asked about the threats made by China due to the visit by Pelosi, Scott stated that he believes the communist party in the country has consistently proven to be the aggressor toward the United States.

    “Communist China made the threats. We didn’t make the threats to Communist China … Communist China has decided to be our enemy. We have not decided to be their enemy. America is a welcoming country, we’ve allowed China into the World Trade Organization, and they completely violated all the rules,” he continued.

    “So, this is a decision that Communist China has made,” Scott said in conclusion. “They’re the ones who are deciding where they are, just like Russia has decided to be our adversary [regarding] Ukraine.”