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Considering suicide in Germany which allows for euthanasia? Tough.  Especially if you haven’t been vaccinated.

You won’t be allowed to kill yourself with the help of a German euthanasia clinic unless you have gotten the COVID vaccine, the German Euthanasia Association has announced.

Verein Sterbehilfe, the association for euthanasia, which is legal in Germany, recently updated its Code of Ethics. It now states that those wanting to die by physician assisted suicide will need to get the jab.

Euthanasia and the preparatory examination of the voluntary responsibility of our members willing to die require human closeness. Human closeness, however, is a prerequisite and breeding ground for coronavirus transmission. As of today, the 2G rule applies in our association, supplemented by situation-related measures, such as quick tests before encounters in closed rooms,” Verein Sterbehilfe states on its site via Google Translate.

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“In the difficult task of balancing the protection of our members, employees and doctors with the practical organization of our everyday life in the association, Dr. Martin Goßmann, the head of our medical team, is on hand to advise.”

So the logic here is that if you’re wanting to off yourself then you’re going to come into contact with medical staff and they might get COVID as a result. Ignore the fact that medical professionals in Germany have been forced to get vaccinated already as a condition of employment.

This is another case of the vaccinated fearing the unvaccinated.  However, in these cases, the unvaccinated are definitely not afraid of dying.  Go figure.

Germany’s COVID vaccination rate currently sits at 68.2% of the population who are fully vaccinated. Whatever “fully vaccinated” means. The current 7-day death rate is 247 citizens. Officials said this week that they’re considering yet another full lockdown of the country.

Vaccination is the way out of this pandemic,” Olaf Scholz, Germany’s chancellor-designate, said last week.

It’s also mandatory if you actually want to die. Oh the irony.

Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, told citizens that by the time winter ends, “pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead.”

Good luck, Germany.