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El Paso Admonishes Drivers About ‘Unexpected Pedestrians’ In Light Of Massive Surge At The Border

    Just one month after the city of El Paso, Texas declared a state of emergency due to the current border crisis, which has been going full swing ever since President Joe Biden took office, the city is now informing drivers they need to “watch for unexpected pedestrians.” You know, if Biden would just do his freaking job and enforce the laws on the book and build the wall, this problem would subside enough for border states to feel a little relief.

    According to Newsmax, signs are delivering the message to motorists and are designed to help mitigate the increasing number of vehicle crashes that are happening along the border, many of which have been connected with incidents of human trafficking. This is a disgusting practice that has been soaring due to the sheer number of cartel members who have mingled in with the many individuals crossing the border illegally. So crime has gone up significantly, but still Biden does nothing. It’s unbelievable.

    Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. Eliot Torres said the crash occurred around 6:55 a.m. MT on Raynolds Street next to the city’s University Medical Center, the El Paso Times stated in their report.

    Another episode recalled by KFOX-TV 14 involved the death of a 12-year-old Mexican girl this weekend. She was reportedly hit and killed by a car while attempting to cross the Border Highway with a group of people.

    “The incidents that are occurring right with migrants possibly crossing Loop 375 or I-1, that’s always been a problem due to the fact that transnational crime organizations do not care about the lives of the migrants,” Customs and Border Protection spokesman Carlos Rivera commented about the situation.

    “It goes back on us patrolling, us being out there, and us doing our job in order to prevent these tragedies,” he added, qualifying “ultimately, the responsibility of the tragedies that are happening falls on the criminal organizations” which smuggle migrants.

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    In response to the death, Rivera confirmed the CBP would work hard to patrol the area. An additional 10 signs across El Paso’s Executive Center, San Marcial, Fonseca, Midway, Padres, and Zaragoza streets will also be planted.

    To the Democrats, illegal migrants aren’t people. They are votes. Nothing more. Leave the border open, butter them up with free stuff, and then lie and cheat so they can vote in upcoming elections. That’s how they roll.

    Never mind all the people who die while trying to cross or who are sold into sex slavery or meet some other horrid fate at the hands of evil cartels. Or those who get hooked on fentanyl and end up overdosing. None of that matters. Only the votes.