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    You know, every once in a blue moon, it’s nice to be able to come before you with a piece of good news.  And you can double that when it’s something good in the arena of public education.  As I’ve been talking to you about this week – and as you undoubtedly know personally if you’ve got any kids in public school – the whole thing is a massive crapshow, and it’s getting worse by the day.  BUT, once in a while, something good happens.

    South Carolina lawmakers have advanced a bill that – if passed – will offer up to a thousand dollars per child in tax credits to parents who choose to homeschool their kid or kids.  Now, this bill does not have any Democratic support in the state, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t pass.  And it also doesn’t mean that even if it doesn’t pass in that state, other states won’t take that idea and run with it.  

    Not only are homeschools and charter schools seeing a massive uptick in popularity all over the country, but in South Carolina, they’re trying to encourage it.  One of the beautiful things about this – I think – is that here you see an instance which proves that sometimes, the answer to a problem isn’t a negative solution, but a positive one.  Instead of “we shouldn’t do this”, we get a “we should do that”, in other words.  

    The failures of online education throughout the course of the pandemic have been legion, as have a lot of the half-assed attempts to cold-start the homogenous dwelling space of the mind that we all wish public schools could be.  And as you might have guessed, the numbers on home schooling and charter schooling are good – very good.  

    I’ve said to you a lot of times on this program that it’s time to get your kids out of the public school system – I said it yesterday, in fact.  Well, if this bill passes, parents in South Carolina just got a massive incentive to do just that.  I say this is an excellent development, and I hope that it gains traction and can be applied in other states as well.  Shit, if the government’s going to spend my money on education, at least it can actually spend money on education for once.  This is a bright light in an otherwise very-dark tunnel, and there needs to be a lot more of them before we can see well enough to find our way out of it.  

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    Just from March to September of 2020, homeschooling rates more than doubled in the United States.  This is largely due to COVID and all the B.S. surrounding it, of course.  But it’s also because parents are waking up to things like Critical Race Theory being taught in its multifarious forms at all age levels.  As we’ve discussed on here before, the Left is getting to the point where they’re not even bothering to hide the ball on that one much anymore.  That’ll be a hilarious thing to remind your liberal friends about a year or so from now, by the way: “Hey, remember when you told me that this shit absolutely, positively was not being taught in schools?  Heh heh, I do!”  

    The mass migration of un-molded minds from the capricious vicissitudes of public education into the relatively safer and more academically sound realm of private education isn’t just a good thing – it’s an absolutely vital thing.  Those kids are going to carry the torch in the future, and the fate of our country will be resting entirely on their shoulders someday.  And if that’s not enough to convince you, consider this: By the time you and I get old and senile, Social Security will have been entirely wiped out by American debt.  And those little folks are going to be all that stands between us and living out the rest of our lives in a trash can, Oscar the Grouch style!