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Dreadful! Poll Releasing Today Shows Devastating Public Opinion For Biden And Fellow Democrats

    And the hits just keep on coming for President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

    A poll set to be released today reveals that not only do a large majority of Americans believe Biden may be a Chinese puppet, but a shocking number of Democrats also agree. When we add that news to the demographic results from last week’s Quinnipiac poll which ravaged Biden, the lesson is clear. Biden and Congressional Democrats are headed for total and utter annihilation this fall in the mid-term elections, and things appear to be going from bad to worse.

    Of course, for us freedom lovers, that is fantastic news. The American people are waking up, finally, and will not be tolerating Democrats who are obsessed with progressive thought and seek to take action that destroys our country and makes life difficult for them.

    Even Democrats are coming around, which is a definite miracle. Biden has proven to be the nail in the coffin for leftism. At least for awhile. Liberals come back like zombies from The Walking Dead.

    According to an exclusive report from the Western Journal, The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action will release a poll today showing some absolutely remarkable results. The poll asked the question, “How likely is it that President Biden is conflicted/compromised when dealing with China due to the Biden family’s personal business dealings in China?” Key results from the poll:

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    • 63.7 % of all likely voters said “likely” or “very likely”, including the following
    • 85.8% of Republicans
    • 72.0% of Independent voters
    • 34.3% of Democrats

    That last result is utterly remarkable. Consider what it’s telling us. Better than one-in-three members of his own party believe that the president is probably beholden to China, our top geopolitical adversary. Combine those numbers with the current and looming aggression from China in Taiwan, the South China Sea, and elsewhere, and those polling results are catastrophic for Biden and the Democrats.

    This is a big deal. When members of your own party, especially Democrats who tend to stick together through thick and thin, turn against you, you’ve really gone off the reservation.

    The nefarious dealings between Biden’s son Hunter and Chinese energy officials are being looked into by the Justice Department but they have been downplayed by the mainstream media. Nonetheless, Americans have apparently recognized the problem. Add Biden’s brother James into the mix, and we have a family affair of the highest order.

    This news of America’s perception of Biden and China comes on the heels of a Quinnipiac poll from last week which showed the president with an overall approval rating of 33%, which is a terrible number, obviously. But when we add the demographics from that poll into the equation, the situation looks even worse for Democrats.

    According to the Quinnipiac poll, only 26 % of Hispanics approve of Biden’s job performance, along with only 21% of young folks and an incredibly low 20% of blue-collar voters. Those numbers aren’t just terrible, they’re calamitous.

    To summarize: Over one-third of Democrats think Biden is compromised with his dealings with China. Hispanics have been a cornerstone of the Democrats’ base, but they poll lower than any other identity group when evaluating Joe Biden. Young people are supposed to be the future of their party, but less than a quarter are happy with Biden, and only one-in-five blue color voters approve of the job Biden is doing.

    Put all those factors into the political calculus for Democrats, and what do we learn? Despite all their lying and best efforts to spin reality, Americans aren’t buying what Joe Biden and the Democrats are selling. And unless they dramatically change their approach, in a hurry, Democrats are heading for historically dreadful results in November.

    Which, again, is fantastic news for us. Maybe we can get some actual conservatives into positions of power and work toward limiting the scope of government so our country can once again begin to thrive and become healthy.

    By Jordan Case

    Jordan Case offers opinions from the unique perspective of both entrepreneur and parent and is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. Jordan does not participate in the cesspool of social media.

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