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DeSantis Takes A Shot At Vaccine Mandates After Biden Diagnosed With COVID

    Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis took a “shot” at vaccine mandates after President Joe Biden’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis, which is a perfect example of how seemingly useless these vaccines actually are.

    As DeSantis kicked off his remarks on Wednesday morning in the city of Tampa, he spoke on the current health status of the president.

    “We just saw Joe Biden test positive for COVID, right? And I’ve said we obviously wish him well on that, but you know, this is a guy that’s taken how many booster shots?” DeSantis quipped during his statement, Florida Politics reported.

    “I mean, seriously, [he’s] done all this stuff and gets it,” he added.

    According to Newsmax:

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    Soon after the Republican governor spoke, CNN reported that Biden had tested negative for COVID-19 after a five-day isolation and will discontinue his isolation.

    Biden tweeted Thursday that he had tested positive. He has received four shots, the two-dose Pfizer vaccine and two subsequent booster shots.

    DeSantis received the “one and done” Johnson and Johnson vaccine last year, Florida Politics reported.

    Last Friday, Desantis, speaking at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, also made a comment about Biden’s health.

    “I want to wish the president a speedy recovery from COVID, and America a speedy recovery from Biden,” the Florida Republican zinged during his speech.

    Then, on Wednesday, DeSantis took an opportunity to point out the irony of Biden advocating vaccine mandates through the federal government.

    “They’ve kicked people out of the military based on these COVID shots. They’re trying to kick people out of the National Guard around the country based on these,” DeSantis continued in his statement, Florida Politics said. “These are shots where you take all these boosters and still get infected. There’s no justification to impose those mandates on anybody.

    DeSantis then added, “It’s based on exercising power over people.”

    The Florida governor then remarked that the vaccine mandates were only one reason for a “massive recruiting problem” for our military.

    “There’s a lot of factors for why the recruiting is so poor into the military,” DeSantis explained, also including “woke ideology” and an unclear sense of “mission.”

    The governor himself served in the U.S. Navy and is still a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve.