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Congressman Rips Beto Says Third Straight Loss Means He ‘Needs To Go Away’

    Rep. Brian Babin spoke to Newsmax on Thursday where he stated that it’s time for Beto O’Rourke to go away after incurring his third straight loss in four years to GOP Gov. Greg Abbott in the great state of Texas. This dude is super creepy, super annoying, and brings absolutely nothing to the table. He’s lost this many times in a row for a reason. He’s not leadership material. Get the hint already and find another career path.

    “It’s time that his woke, radical policies and politics and his ideology needs to go away, it really does,” the Texas Republican stated during an interview on “Spicer & Co.” of O’Rourke, who took a major “L” by an 11-point margin to Abbott in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

    Once Upon a midnight dreary, O’Rourke served in the House before he decided to give in to his delusions of grandeur and go head-to-head with Sen. Ted Cruz. That was the first of many bad decisions. He lost that race by a slim margin of 50.9 percent to 48.3 percent. Rather than reevaluating whether or not he ought to continue to pursue politics after this loss, he opted to shoot for the stars and run for president in 2020, where he endorsed the idea of gun grabbing people’s AR-15s.

    That went over like a lead balloon.

    “You don’t run in the State of Texas promising to take away people’s guns, for instance. And all of his other radical positions, just do not do that here in the State of Texas,” Babin went on to say during his appearance on the program, placing an emphasis on the fact that O’Rourke’s opinions were “all over the board” and constantly shifting.

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    “I think his true beliefs are that he’s a radical. Because he tried to tamper that down once he was running again … quite frankly, I think he was trying to temper that and to moderate, and nobody bought it,” he continued.

    Here’s more from Newsmax:

    Babin also said that he doesn’t believe a Democrat can win in Texas statewide “right now” but warned that it could be possible if the southern border crisis is left unaddressed.

    “We need to be able to protect ourselves and be vigilant. We don’t want to open our borders up,” he said. “Just flooding our country with people by the millions and putting them on government programs and putting them on a fast track to voting. This is what’s behind the entire strategy.”

    The New York Times reported Tuesday that the Texas congressman handily won reelection against Democrat Jon Haire by nearly 40 percentage points, 69.5% to 30.5%.

    So please, for the love of all this good, right, and holy in this world, Beto, just call it a day. Let the sun set on your miserable failure of a political career and find something else to occupy your time with.