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Chicago Concealed Carry Holder Fires Shot At Issue Of Gun Violence

    It’s a shame what our larger, liberal controlled cities are becoming. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, all were rehabbed during the tough-on-crime 90’s and became shining examples of law and order and how we do things in America. Guess that’s pretty much over.

    Democrat leadership has driven these and other large cities into poverty, lawlessness and fear, as it’s not uncommon these days to be robbed or murdered in broad daylight. Why would criminals care? Soft on crime liberal district attorneys make a common practice of releasing criminals under the guise of criminal justice reform. Truth is, there are outside forces at work that wants these large cities in chaos to undermine the strength of this nation. It’s working.

    The more chaos ensues, the more fear you strike into a population, the easier it will be to steal away their liberty. All you have to do is making them so terrified out of their minds that they will do anything to relieve the stress and anxiety, to feel at peace again, even if that means surrendering some of their freedom.

    Of course, this supposed “security” is just an illusion. What it really amounts to is slavery. And the scary thing is you will willingly put the chains on yourself.

    People are getting tired of it and fighting back. Recently in Chicago, a legal concealed gun owner stood his ground and defended his family from armed attackers. Enough is enough! Check this out from Breitbart:

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    Gunmen opened fire at partygoers outside a Chicago home Tuesday night and shot a 13-year-old boy in the head — but the victim’s 21-year-old cousin has a concealed carry license, and he pulled out his gun and shot back, after which the gunmen fled. 

    Such a tragedy that a family can’t even celebrate on a weeknight outside in Chicago without fear of violence. It isn’t even safe to walk down the street in Chicago in the business district anymore, no less the suburbs, where police presence is sparser. This legal gun owner finally had enough and stood his ground, delivering fire back.

    “It was my grandma’s birthday,”

    Some relatives went to the alley behind the house to check out another cousin’s new car — and then the family members heard what they thought were firecrackers.

    “I see my cousin’s face turn weird, then I look to the right and see two gunmen at the end of the alley,” 

    “We start hearing [whizzing sound] and then we hear the light post making all these weird noises, so we’re like, ‘Oh no, this is serious,’”

    That was when the 21-year-old legal conceal carry owner pulled his firearm and served up some on-the-spot justice of his own, dispatching the attackers.

    “I started just shooting. I stood my ground. I didn’t even move. I stood my ground because that [is] how I like to do it, just defend my family.”

    How gutsy is it to think of others before your own safety and return fire without flinching? It’s a shame it has come to this, but this young man had no other choice but to defend his family, and he did. I would like to think in the same situation I would act as bravely, but who knows? Most of us are insulated from what many people experience on a daily basis.

    As the attackers fled, the man told the station his 13-year-old cousin was lying in a pool of blood after having been shot in the right temple.

    “No, no, no, no … this can’t be happening,” the man told WGN of his reaction to his cousin being shot.

    “When he got shot, he was still breathing,” he added to the station. “He got shot twice in the head … he was still breathing.”

    A tragic story. Thankfully the 13-year-old appears to be making a recovery, and the alleged shooters, gang members, were captured just outside of the city.

    It’s a sad state of affairs in Chicago, and all across liberal cities in America. Until we take a tougher stance on crime, sadly these types of stories are going to continue. Thankfully a law-abiding gun owner was present to defend his family and perhaps prevent even more violence.

    This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics